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The final Healthcare Bill will be more like the tamer Senate version….

Pelosi spent two hours addressing her Caucus via conference call on Thursday for the first time since she agreed to let the Senate bill serve as the vehicle for delivering a congressional health reform bill to the White House.

While this whole thing was dominating the headlines…you had to know things where going to play out this way….it had to …..Pelosi and Reid let the liberals and progressive’s have their say in the house….they let them have their vote…..no big fight with all those people running for re-election….let them go on record…..

But in the end…. I said Obama just wanted a bill…and that’s how it played…..

From day one I said Liberal and Progressives got captured in Iowa.…. ‘on the cheap’….

A whole lot of Obama looks a lot like Hillary Clinton….. two year’s ago…..

She has to be shaking her head …a lot these days…..

Haley Barbour was right…this President can surely sell what he wants…….

And right now….I’ll buy in……

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