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Why do women share more details about their relationsips than men?……

Whew!….that’s a hot one………Check out the post over at Up 4 Discussion……here’s the beginning of it……

Why do women share more details about their relationships than men?

Let’s not act shocked or surprised. It is no secret that women talk a lot more than men. Both women and men know this. If you want a quick example, look at the comments on my previous posts. My female readers have been holding me down. They comment and speak their minds every time…and I love that! There are also guys who have read my posts and commented and I appreciate that just as much.

But let’s keep it real, I know there are a lot more guys (and some ladies) who are reading my posts that just are not commenting. Hopefully, this post will awaken them and they will step out of the shadows and speak their mind like the ladies do. Don’t be SCARED!!! Yeah, I said it.

Getting back on topic, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that women talk more than men, at least in certain situations. Yet, there are times when a woman’s talking can cause some issues. Most notably it is when she discusses intimate details about her relationship with individuals other than her partner.

In one word: WHY?

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