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NBC wants Leno back……..

One night a while a ago….at 10:00 pm I noticed that Jay Leno was on NBC again…I thought re-runs?……Nope…he was back…..

Didn’t Jan Leno retire from late night TV last year?

Yep…..but he was back……

Well, it turns out they want him back…… in his old spot.….

Conan O’Brien….. it turns out…isn’t cutting it…….

That leaves Leno in the ‘cat bird seat’…..and……..

The network has a plan in the works to restore Jay Leno to his old spot at 11:35 each weeknight for a half-hour, while pushing the man who replaced him,Conan O’Brien, to a starting time of 12:05 a.m. Mr. O’Brien would then have a full hour.

Mr. Leno seemed to relish NBC’s predicament at Thursday’s taping. “As you may have heard, there is a rumor floating around that we were canceled,” he told his audience. “I heard it coming in this morning on the radio. So far no one has said anything to me. But if we did get canceled, it will give us time to do some traveling. I understand that Fox is beautiful this time of year.”

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