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Opinion Piece….Barack Obama needs to give back……

President Barack Obama has just about won the second biggest battle of his presidency…getting a Healthcare Bill thru the Congress…..

While he was traveling all over the planet and sending troops to foreign lands…members of the House first…then members of the Senate…. voted on landmark Healthcare legislation …those votes put some of those legislators in trouble with their constituents because of the bill, but more so because the Republicans’ were able to market the bill simply as a big spending bill….

I have mentioned that giving the left out Americans their chance to obtain the coverage is the ‘human’ thing to do…

While this argument touched, and motivated a lot of congressmen and women…the right and republicans took this bill ‘s passage as a direct way to challenge the policies and ascension of Barack Obama to the American presidency, a little more than a year ago…

They held rallies; they bombarded their congressmen and woman to vote down the bill…

It was socialism…it was taxes…it was death squads….

It truth it was none of the above

What started out as a crack at addressing problems in Americans Healthcare system, and its shortcomings, to millions of Americans, who can’t get adequate coverage…has changed

After the battle in the Senate…. The House was easy, with the overwhelming Democrat vote…. We now have a bill that will be reconciled between the two houses, and come out looking more like the Senate version, than the House one,  which means a bill that is more compromised, to save legislators seats back home….

But the point I want to make here is this…

Barack Obama needs to say thank you to the members of his party that voted to send this bill to his desk….

And the best way for him to do that is to get out there and let Americans know why he wanted this bill…To get out there and explain why this bill is good for America. To get out there and campaign for the people who put their political future’s, and their butts on the line to vote for the bill…

That’s what the man needs to do….

….and It won’t hurt him in his 2012 reelection effort either…

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Open Tread for January 11……..

Hope everyone had a good weekend….Politcs1.com may be back after losing its link for more than 24hours……and the Dog is just moving along……

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Politics1 is back….I think…..

I just got in and left a post….I don’t know how long it will be back…it’s been out for more than 24 hours…….

Here’s the link …..

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The Lance Armstrong Foundation Store….Cool exercise stuff that benefits Cancer……

“Gifts that Give Back”……From the guy ( and his foundation) who beat the ‘C’……and keeps on… keeping on…..link..…….

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Hoffman and Giannoulias duke it out over "Bright Star" in the Illinois senate race….

Check out the dueling video ads……..here…….

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Hoffman and Giannoulias duke it out over “Bright Star” in the Illinois senate race….

Check out the dueling video ads……..here…….

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Rahm Emanuel trys to cover his behind……

This from Political Wire….

Emanuel Backs Daley for Another Term

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel praised Chicago Mayor Richard Daley “and urged him to run for re-election in 2011 in a statement designed to quash gossip that Emanuel is considering a City Hall bid,” the Chicago Sun Times reports.

Why am I not surprised with this?

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Northern California recovers from a 6.5 scale earthquake…..

The day after a powerful earthquake rocked the Northern California city of Eureka, residents woke today to a mess: toppled chimneys, downed traffic signals and shattered nerves as minor aftershocks continued to rattle windows.

About 30 people visited hospitals for minor injuries, but there were no reports of major injuries caused by the magnitude-6.5 temblor, which struck offshore at 4:27 p.m. about 33 miles southwest of the coastal city of 26,000.

I wouldn’t want any thing to do with that part of the country……..weather or politics……

……the piece ends with this……

At least 10 aftershocks were reported in the hours after the temblor, the strongest of them registering 4.2.

Richard Allen, a UC Berkeley seismologist, said the area where the earthquake occurred was in the Mendocino Triple Junction, where three tectonic plates collide: the Pacific, North American and Juan de Fuca. It is one of the most seismically active parts of the San Andreas fault system that runs through the state.

“Although 6.5 is a large event, it is not uncommon there by any means,” said Richard Buckmaster, a U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist.

Not me….no way….

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Sometimes you land safely on two of three landing gears….

That’s what happened at Newark Airport this morning at 9:30 am…when United Airlines Flight 634 was unable to extend all three landing wheel assemblies, while trying to land…..

The pilot went around, got his act together, and landed the Airbus 319 without problems…..

That’s why these people make the big bucks…..

And they deserve every penny……

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Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots 33 to 14……

And so it shall be…..My oldest son’s team is eliminated.…….sorry son!……he, he, he

Note:….I’m a NY Giants fan…but I have never forgiven Bill Belichick for what he did to the Jets….. for Parcells to become the coach……..

Update:……This says it all…NY Daily News piece…Good riddance!  Genius runs out for Bill Belichick, New England Patriots


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