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HOLD ON TO YOUR SEATS!…the ride has just begun in the quest for the US Senate seat from New York…..

We here at the Dog have been telling anyone who will listen that New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will be the next New York Sate Governor….forget current Governor Paterson….he’s gone……

Well it turns out that the Republicans have come to that conclusion also…….Merlin has tipped us off to the fact that The New York Post’s Fred Dicker …a serious Albany political reporter is now reporting that several key Republicans are asking Rick Lazio to drop his bid for governor and join Harold Ford Jr. in taking on Kirsten Gillibrand…..who will be an easy target…..

This turn events can only embolden Harold Ford to decide to take on Gillibrand in the democratic primary since her only friends in the state are Chuck Schumer and left-wing of the democrat’s( unbelievable, isn’t that, with her record!) …….

Most of the established New York media have come down in favor of a Ford run so that they can sell newspapers……

And judging by the comments on the net’ on the Ford run….people seem to be saying…..’let him run’…..

Poor Chuck Schumer….just when he though he had ‘it’…..’it’ falls apart…..

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