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Haitian Update…..Sec of State Clinton on the ground there for 4 hours….Haiti allows the U.S. to legally oversee the Rescue and Recovery…..

This update from the New York Times……

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Bearing toilet paper, soap, bottled water, and other supplies, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton flew into this ruined capital on Saturday to meet with Haiti’s president and to convey President Obama’s pledge to help the Haitian people.

Mrs. Clinton arrived just before 3 p.m. on a Coast Guard cargo plane carrying supplies, as well as American relief workers. She was scheduled to meet with President Rene Préval of Haiti, whose residence collapsed in the earthquake on Tuesday, as well as American officials managing a massive rescue effort, who are racing against the clock to unearth any last survivors.

Though the visit is mainly intended as a show of American support for Haiti, Mrs. Clinton said there were a few tangible benefits. In addition to bringing in supplies, her C-130 plane is to evacuate 50 Americans who were stranded here, waiting for flights at the overburdened airport.

“There are some things that only we can do,” Mrs. Clinton said to reporters on her plane en route to Port-au-Prince. “Our highest and best use is to identify those needs that only we can meet.”

The relief effort was gaining traction, Mrs. Clinton said, with the establishment of 14 distribution centers to deliver food and water to the two million people that the United States estimates need emergency aid.

The military is also beginning to use a container port in Cap Haitian, in northern Haiti, she said, which will greatly increase the volume of aid flowing into the country. The earthquake rendered the port in the capital unusable and bottlenecks in landing planes at Port-au-Prince’s airport have constricted the amount of supplies being shipped into the country.

But Mrs. Clinton cautioned that the situation was still dire, with a government that is not functioning and mounting reports of security problems. She said she hoped the Haitian government would pass an emergency decree — something it did after tropical storms devastated the island in 2008 — which would give it the legal power to impose curfews and other measures.

“The decree would give the government an enormous amount of authority, which in practice they would delegate to us,” she said.

Mrs. Clinton said she was concerned by a report on CNN that a group of doctors from Miami at a makeshift hospital were forced to flee, leaving behind their patients, after gunshots were heard in the vicinity. With Haiti’s police force decimated and barely visible on the streets, 7,000 United Nations peacekeepers constitute the only genuine security presence.

“We are working to back them up, but not to supplant them,” she said. “They’ve been here for years; they have a command and control established. We’re being very thoughtful about how we support them.”

Mrs. Clinton said she was sensitive to the suggestion that her visit could impede rescue efforts. She does not plan to leave the airport in her four-hour stop. After flying to Puerto Rico on her regular government plane, she transferred to a regularly-scheduled Coast Guard relief flight, which flies in an out of Port-au-Prince once-a-day with supplies and evacuees.

Mrs. Clinton was accompanied by Rajiv Shah, the newly-named administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, who is coordinating the American relief effort, and Cheryl D. Mills, Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, who oversees Haiti issues at the State Department.

Determining where to put distribution centers, and clearing roads to them, has been one of Dr. Shah’s consuming tasks, he said. He is using satellite images of the country supplied by Google to choose the sites. Still, there are small victories. Dr. Shah said the United States had moved $48 million worth of food from Texas in the four days since the earthquake. It installed three water-purification systems, capable of purifying 100,000 liters a day, which addresses the rising threat of disease.

“We plan for everything, as if it is a big risk,” Dr. Shah, who is a physician, said of the risk of disease.

Herby Derononcourt, a Haitian doctor with Catholic Relief Services who lives the United States, hitched a ride on the plane to help restore a damaged Catholic hospital in Port-au-Prince. With its pediatric ward collapsed, he said he planned to set up a makeshift clinic outside the city.

Dominic Crowley, the emergency director of Concern Worldwide, said he was going to check on his staff of 100, of which 19 are still missing. The group is handing out clothing, water, and other goods. “Agencies with teams on the ground have been as traumatized as anyone else,” he said.

Some of the tasks the United States faces are particularly grim, like helping set up morgues. There are deep cultural issues about treatment of the dead, Mrs. Clinton said, which will complicate the task.

Mr. Préval , who lost family members in the earthquake, asked Mrs. Clinton to come, she said. She said she planned mainly to listen to him. The American ambassador, Kenneth Merten, signed an agreement with Mr. Préval that gives the United States authority to organize the relief operation. The Air Force already directs air-traffic control at the airport.

But Mrs. Clinton said she wanted to respond to the president’s priorities. The Haitian Parliament, she said, was trying to hold its first meeting on Saturday morning. But with the Parliament building badly damaged and lawmakers missing, Mrs. Clinton acknowledged it would be some time before there was a functioning central government in the country.

“We have to be realistic about it,” she said.

Haiti has had sentimental ties for Mrs. Clinton since she and her husband visited here as newlyweds. She came last April as secretary of state, with $300 million in American aid, and ventured into Cite Soleil, a once-lawless part of the capital that was getting on its feet before the earthquake.

A few months ago, she noted, her husband, Mr. Clinton, who is the United Nations special envoy to Haiti, held a successful conference in Port-au-Prince, attracting 500 foreign companies.

“And the next day, this happens,” she said.

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More on logistics……..

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The Left in New York has lost it's mind in the Ford vs Gillibrand thing……

Simple…..they have two moderate to conservative democrats vying for the senate seat given to Kirsten Gillibrand…..

No the lefty have decided to go what they got…namely Gillibrand….who polls miserably against any Republican…..

Why are they dissing Harold Ford Jr.?

Let the two of they fight it out in a primary..the loser loses…the winner comes out stronger……

What’s wrong with that?

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The Left in New York has lost it’s mind in the Ford vs Gillibrand thing……

Simple…..they have two moderate to conservative democrats vying for the senate seat given to Kirsten Gillibrand…..

No the lefty have decided to go what they got…namely Gillibrand….who polls miserably against any Republican…..

Why are they dissing Harold Ford Jr.?

Let the two of they fight it out in a primary..the loser loses…the winner comes out stronger……

What’s wrong with that?

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Harold Ford Jr. starts to work the black vote in New York……and WHY ARE ALL BLACKS SUPPOSED TO BE POOR?

Here’s a piece from the New York Daily News on Harold Ford Jr., the probable U.S. senate democratic candidate…

…notice how the descriptions allude to Ford ‘s money….

…why does the media, and  all the lefty’s, criticize a black man for having money?…..are all BLACK POLITICAN’S suppose to be poor?

There has been a concerted effort in the push back against Harold Ford Jr. in New York by establishment types and Gillirand boosters to accentuate that Harold Ford Jr.. isn’t some poor, hand me down black person….almost every reference to him us about rich white donors and Ford getting driven around New York City in SUV’s…..now I’ve been watching this whole thing from when Schumer proportioned Gillibrand to take the senate seat…and no one…no one….has complained about the company Gillibrand keeps to make her money……what’s going on here folks??????

The white liberal cadre out there, that supports a ‘New York Blue Dog Democrat’ is attacking Ford, for travelin in same circles as Gillibrand…and he’s the bad guy????

Last time I looked their stances on most polices, were the same……..

What gives?

Here’s the piece……..link..….

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Merlin digs into the ARG congressional favorables poll………and cautions on the Mass final vote…..

Hi Dog!

First of all…… we made a slight mistake because 5 % of Voters are Undecided not 3 % – my mistake……..( we all make’m, no problem )

Among Democrats

Coakley (D)  71 %
Brown (R)  20 %
Kennedy (L)  1 %
Undecided  8 %

Among Republicans

Brown (R)  94 %
Coakley (D)  1 %
Undecided  5 %

Among Independents

Brown (R)  58 %
Coakley (D)  37 %
Kennedy (L)  4 %
Undecided  1 %

9 % of Voters in the Bay State have already voted per Absentee Ballot

Brown (R)  58 %
Coakley (D)  42 %

The Gender Gap


Brown (R)  54 %
Coakley (D)  39 %


Coakley (D)  50 %
Brown (R)  44 %

The Voter Model

Currently ARG expects 44 % of Democrats, 20 % of Republicans and 36 % of Independents going to the Polls on Tuesday.

Merlin’s Analysis:

Here is why Coakley can still wins this. She currently gets only 70 % of Democrats and President Obama will likely fire up the Base. If she gets 80-85 of Democrats she may win this thing after all.


He, he, he…..the Dog likes this post ………

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Merlin finds some good news for Democrats…..

There ain’t much these days………

Hi Dog!

It’s been rare these Days seeing Democrats having good Numbers.

Rasmussen did a fine job in evaluating the Favorables / Unfavorables for our 4 Congressional Leaders.

Although Senate Majority Leader received a slight uptick he is still a precarious Situation.

Favorables / Unfavorables

Nancy Pelosi        35 / 57

John Boehner       24 / 37

Mitch McConnell    28 / 35

Harry Reid                31 / 51

Full Results can be found at Rasmussen Reports.com


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Final ARG poll shows Brown with a small lead……

Merlin gives the Dog the final American Research Group Poll number ‘s which have Brown taking the lead ftom Coakley……

Morning everyone.

Well, we did get a new Poll out for the Massachusetts Senate Special Election.

American Research Group Survey

Scott Brown (R) 48 %
Martha Coakley (D) 45 %
Joe Kennedy (K) 2 %
Undecided 3 %


The Dog has to admit…..Coakley is in trouble…..she must hope that democrats come out in huge numbers to vote, after the President asks them to…. on Sunday……Merlin is correct.…as in New Jersey……the Democrats semm to be doing it again…. that is….not doing a good job with their candidate.….and the perception..whether true or not,  that the Healthcare bill is hurting Democrats, and is getting a life of its own…..

Finally….the Dog has to say this…..The White House has been irresponsible and  self-serving in not providing cover and help to the people in congress who have carried the ball for them for the past year…while the Republicans have been good at political guerilla warfare …the democrats can look to the head of the party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and find absolutely no comfort…..none…..

Note: the poll does have a Margin of Error of 4%…which could put Coakley back ahead…..at best….. this race is tied with Brown having the ‘Mo’…..but that’s reaching….

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