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Talking on a cell phone while doing other things is DANGEROUS….

I’d say it’s walking blind…

We all see but don’t notice that people are becoming zombie right in front of our eyes……some people can do several things at once……most people can’t……

The increased use of cell phones are a testament to that fact……While the blue tooth ear piece might save your hands …the phone itself takes one into another distraction….

People on the phone end up doing all sorts of things because they not aware of what they doing while walking……..

From the piece…….

SAN FRANCISCO — On the day of the collision last month, visibility was good. The sidewalk was not under repair. As she walked, Tiffany Briggs, 25, was talking to her grandmother on her cellphone, lost in conversation.

Very lost.

“I ran into a truck,” Ms. Briggs said.

It was parked in a driveway.

Distracted driving has gained much attention lately because of the inflated crash risk posed by drivers using cellphones to talk and text.

But there is another growing problem caused by lower-stakes multitasking — distracted walking — which combines a pedestrian, an electronic device and an unseen crack in the sidewalk, the pole of a stop sign, a toy left on the living room floor or a parked (or sometimes moving) car.

The era of the mobile gadget is making mobility that much more perilous, particularly on crowded streets and in downtown areas where multiple multitaskers veer and swerve and walk to the beat of their own devices.

This is not a random occurence…..

Slightly more than 1,000 pedestrians visited emergency rooms in 2008 because they got distracted and tripped, fell or ran into something while using a cellphone to talk or text. That was twice the number from 2007, which had nearly doubled from 2006, according to a study conducted by Ohio State University, which says it is the first to estimate such accidents.

“It’s the tip of the iceberg,” said Jack L. Nasar, a professor of city and regional planning at Ohio State, noting that the number of mishaps is probably much higher considering that most of the injuries are not severe enough to require a hospital visit. What is more, he said, texting is rising sharply and devices like theiPhone have thousands of new, engaging applications to preoccupy phone users.

It gets worst…..

Yesterday my wife and I are on line at a local Pathmark….as we come up to the checker…..she looks at us…then makes a face…pulls out her blackberry phine and at the speed of light wips off a text….looks quickly at the phone…grimaces….and starts checking us out…..all at warp speed……

Adam Gazzaley, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco puts things this way…..

“Walking and chewing are repetitive, well-practiced tasks that become automatic,” Dr. Gazzaley said. “They don’t compete for resources like texting and walking.”

Further, he said, the cellphone gives people a constant opportunity to pursue goals that feel more important than walking down the street.

“An animal would never walk into a pole,” he said, noting survival instincts would trump other priorities.

Right now…..humans will take the pole …….

Go figure?

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