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In New York State…Rookie Sen. Gillibrand maybe turning into a liability for her mentor Sen. Schumer…..

The Dog has pushed for a primary between Harold Ford Jr. and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to the chagrin of veteran Senator Chuck Schumer…her mentor….

With Ford just about ready to in, against rookie Senator  Gillibrand (who never ran for her job, but was picked ), people are beginning to hear Fords argument, that he’s not beholden to Schumer, Reid…or even the White House…..( Brown’s win amplifies his message, and finally gives Ford some traction)

This is the beginning of trouble for Chuck Schumer, who has run interference for Gillibrand, since she arrived on the scene, and who is weak candidate, that does not poll well in a state, she has represented, since last year…..if  someone else besides Ford jumps in….things are going really to get messy and the seat becomes up for grabs in a democratic primary……

I wonder if Rep. Weiner  (NY-D) is available?….hum?

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