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New York State AG Andrew Cuomo is taking care of his ‘Black’ problem……in the race for Governor….

As New York’s political world waits for Attorney GeneralAndrew M. Cuomo to make official his run for governor, Mr. Cuomo has been quietly but methodically working to defuse an issue that helped unravel his last quest for the job.

Preparing to challenge New York’s first black governor, Mr. Cuomo has been aggressively courting black civic leaders and clergy members, hoping to forestall charges that he is again trying to thwart the ambitions of a prominent African-American in a governor’s race.

He met this month with the Rev. Floyd H. Flake, one of New York’s most influential black pastors and the leader of the Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Queens. The two men discussed Mr. Cuomo’s potential candidacy and the need to have a Democratic ticket that was not made up exclusively of white men.

This issue is the only one that could present a bump in the road for the state’s next Governor…….

As the Dog posted up here recently…..his numbers are  such that politicians around the state are ponying up to the Attorney General, and making nice already……The current Governor has low poll numbers and $3 million in reelection funds  verses Cuomo’s $16 million…….

Black voters and politician’s can read the signs…..He’s gonna be the next Governor….

The only thing here that the Dog has been annoyed about is the White House…they are in the position to help this problem be solved..it is beyond me why they don’t offer a graceful way for Paterson to step aside …….

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  1. Andrew isn’t the ortor that his father was and still is. However he will be NYS next governor.

    Comment by Illinois Brandon | January 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. agreed…on both!

    Comment by jamesb101 | January 25, 2010 | Reply

  3. James B, I’m going to laugh if Paterson pulls a Parker Griffith and joins the GOP–just to piss off Obama and Co.,

    I agree, Cuomo has this locked up.

    Ford Jr., may run for the United States Senate (he and Schumer are the leaders of the statewide ballot).

    I’m hearing Bill Thompson might seek the NY State Comptroller’s office assuming Cuomo’s aggressive courting gets him to jump in.

    Former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D) may run for his old gig, a 3rd term as State AG this year.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | January 25, 2010 | Reply

  4. Ok…..CD…thsi is the scoop…..

    Cuomo does have this locked up….

    Ford Jr. is about 99% gonna run…I want him to replace Gillibrand on the ticket…she’s not the right person there…

    Bill Thompson will run for NYC Mayor in hopes that the job will finally come back to Democrat after 20 years…(yea…. 20 years)

    Elliot floated a trial balloon…it didn’t get too far…he still may run for state controller

    Comment by jamesb101 | January 25, 2010 | Reply

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