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‘If you can’t beat’m join’m’….The US puts Kurdish and Iraqi troops together to patrol their border…..

A string of checkpoints has appeared on the roads that spoke out from this volatile city, guarded by hundreds of American soldiers working with Arab and Kurdish troops. The joint operation along one ofIraq’s ethnic trouble spots began with a deliberate lack of fanfare, but it constitutes the most significant military mission by American forces since they largely retreated to bases outside Iraq’s cities in June.

More than two dozen checkpoints now punctuate a snaking line that traces — from Syria to Iran — the unofficial and very much disputed boundary between Iraq’s federal forces and those of the Kurdish regional government. At times these forces have operated virtually as opposing armies rather than as compatriots of a single nation, but at the checkpoints they now live and operate together for the first time since the war began.Guarding checkpoints — a task the American military never relishes — invites attacks by insurgents, who remain particularly active in northern Iraq. And every night during a three-night stretch, rockets or mortars landed near three of the checkpoints in Diyala Province, though they caused no casualties, according to an American military spokesman and an Iraqi military official. “You stay static,” as First Sgt. Tony DelSardo, of the Army’s Third Infantry Division, put it on Saturday, “you’ll get hit.”

The operation began this month after labored negotiations with Iraq’s Arab and Kurdish leaders. The immediate goal is to bolster security ahead of bitterly contested elections in March along an ethnic patchwork of lands that has been devastated by catastrophic attacks.

The ultimate strategy is to defuse political tensions along a fault line that could easily rupture, sundering the country once American forces leave, or even before. The operation underscores the extent to which American military remains an arbiter of Iraq’s most intractable conflicts.

“What we’re doing is forcing the wound to close,” Lt. Col. Christopher L. Connelly, a battalion commander with the First Armored Division, said at one of the new checkpoints being erected on the highway that links Mosul to Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region.

This seems to be a very good move…..The Dog believes that when it’s said and done……Iraq will be divided into Federal States just as Vice President Joe Biden suggested a year ago…and that won’t be a bad thing at all…..

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  1. I dont disagree with this article..

    Comment by poppen | November 25, 2011 | Reply

    • neithere do i!

      Comment by jamesb101 | November 25, 2011 | Reply

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