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President Barack Obama does Barack Obama…he turns from a fight……

The Dog is sniffing around the today….on the President’s State of the Union and the ‘state of the Democrats’……

The President…… it would seem with his speech…… has done what he always does…and changed directions in response to the ‘Scott Brown effect’…..leaving his poor Congressional members in the middle of the street with their pants down fending for themselves……

The Dog was going to post one story on Healthcare last night….but had to stop, because there where too many different stories…..as there is now …who knows what will happen with the program?……

The Republican’s are jubilant …feeling that they repeated their historical ‘roll’ of an upstart democratic rookie  president, just like they did to Bill Clinton 20 years ago…….(they shouldn’t forget he went on to serve two terms)

The Democrats are asking…..Ok what do we do now?……

In his state of the Union Healthcare was mentioned about four times……that’s it……The popular word these days is jobs (Merlin called this)…..

Liberals and Progressives once again get screwed……

It shouldn’t hurt them too much….He’s been screwing them since the Iowa primaries…..

Note:…..While Obama is putting off the pain…The Dog believes he is wrong…he should trim the Bill get it done…and move on……

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  1. Obama needs to move to the CENTER and fast if he wants to have the Democratic majorities in the Senate and House in November, he can start governing in the middle by cleaning house in his staff starting with the Chief of Staff.

    After November, I expect the GOP to take back the House (picking 30 or more swing districts that voted for McCain) and in the Senate, I have the Democrats picking up Missouri, Ohio, and New Hampshire while losing Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, Delaware resulting in 58-42 or 55-45 I think.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | January 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Not gonna happen Cd…but I expect Rahm to leave in due time…and he could try to become the next Mayor of Chicago…..

      Comment by jamesb101 | January 28, 2010 | Reply

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