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The fastest texting person in the world?….and getting paid to prove it……

I don’t text…….

……but most kids do…and some of these young people are doing it  so fast that they can win money.….

Here’s the story of a recent texting contest..held in New York City…for prize money……

Ha Mok-min is feeling like a gunslinger these days. At the English-language cram school she attends during the winter break, students jealous of her international bragging rights line up to duel with her.

“They come with their cellphones boasting they can beat me,” said Ms. Ha, 16, her deadpan manner lending her the air of a champion accustomed to — even weary of — fame. “I let them try.”

She and another young South Korean, Bae Yeong-ho, recently conquered the world with their thumbs. Their Team Korea won an international competition held in New York this month to determine who can send text messages the fastest — and most accurately — on a cellphone.

“When others watch me texting, they think I’m not that fast and they can do better,” said Mr. Bae, 17, a high school dropout who dyes his hair a light chestnut color and is studying to be an opera singer. “So far, I’ve never lost a match.”

In the New York competition he typed six characters a second. “If I can think faster I can type faster,” he said.

And here’s the money part……

Since their return home with $50,000 in prize money each, Ms. Ha and Mr. Bae have become something approaching heroes to what Koreans call the “thumb tribe” — youngsters who feel more comfortable texting than talking.

And that’s the rub…isn’t it?….

They are losing their personal communication skills and maybe damaging themselves  physically…..

But in the piece …… Ms. Ha seems to have used her skills to amass at least $67,000 so far…..not too bad for a 17 year old, Korean student, that speaks english and can move her fingers very fast on a minature keyboard…..

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  1. What up James. Listen I really hated texing when it came out and i still do. But now i text just as much as everyone else. Remember the good old days when you didn’t even need a cell phone. Oh yea i think my girlfriend might text faster than this girl lol.

    Comment by Your middle son | January 28, 2010 | Reply

    • you like texting because your girl can’t live without it… can she text five or six words a second like Ms. Ha can?……If so…… she she should seriously enter one of the contests…good money to be made there……

      Comment by jamesb101 | January 28, 2010 | Reply

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