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Surprise…..Laws banning cellphone use while driving apparently haven’t reduced accidents…….

Laws banning cellphone use while driving apparently haven’t reduced crashes, according to a study released on Friday that compared the number of total crashes before the ban with the number after. The study found virtually no difference in the numbers, a finding that had the researchers scratching their heads.

“We were very surprised,” said Adrian Lund, the president of the Highway Loss Data Institute that conducted the study and an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The thought was, of course that if law were passed that decreased cellphone use, then there should be fewer crashes. But that was not the case.

“You know that there should be fewer,” he said. “We were looking for that, and we aren’t seeing that pattern,” said Mr. Lund, who is also the insurance institute’s president.

This is the first look at crashes in California, New York, Connecticut and Washington since they passed bans on hand-held cellphone use while driving. One reason Mr. Lund was so surprised was that the institute had previously conducted research that showed that drivers talking on cellphones seemed to be four times as likely to crash.

The new study, which was completed in December, looked at crashes (and not just at those involving cellphones) in those four places and found no decrease in accidents, despite the bans’ having reduced the use of hand-held cellphones 41 to 76 percent. The researchers obtained those numbers by going out to street corners and exit ramps to observe how many people had cellphones up to their ears before the bans compared with after the bans.

“We can’t even see a blip in the data for crashes,” said Mr. Lund. Furthermore, there was no indication that increased cellphone use was resulting in more crashes nationwide, despite what studies and common sense would indicate.

The Dog thinks several things are happeneing…..First of all…when people know they can’t drive and talk….then simply pull over and talk……Second……People have gotten better are talking and driving……Third one’s that constantly talk and drive but a handless system……Fourth…some people don’t say this but they drive and text……but they won’t do so in a research situation because they know to do so is stupid…but in private they do so anyway…..

Note:……The next time you are on the road and you see a police car…look to see if the cop is driving and using the phone……

Update.…..A little while back…..accidents turned into crashes…..I still call them accidents…..

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  1. As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

    Comment by Hungover Guy | January 31, 2010 | Reply

    • thanks

      Comment by jamesb101 | January 31, 2010 | Reply

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