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Tests for the iPad…..a video from The LA Times……

The ‘Beach’ test and the ‘Couch’ test from David Lazarus over @ The LA Times……..

Here’s the Link to the video…….

Ah…just so you know he did the video without actually having a iPad….just wanted to let you know……..

Update……if you want to be ‘with it’ and get this new gadget…bring your wallet, check book, or gold card….with you…..it’s gonna cost…

While it remains to be seen whether Apple’s new iPad tablet will ultimately change the publishing business the way the iPod has changed the landscape of the music industry, the fact that it’s essentially an outsize iTouch (which itself is basically an iPhone sans the phone), brings a more immediate and pressing question to light, where, exactly, do you stick it?

Ipad_accessories_ipad_clothingI mean, technically speaking it’s portable (but then again, so’s a bone-in ham). But where, are you going to stash that 71.4-square-inch, pound-and-a half gleaming slab of multimedia ambrosia when it’s time to put down your e-version of “Catcher in the Rye” and catch your commuter flight straight home to Nerdvana?

Not to worry. It seems the folks at Scottevest, maker of those 22-pocket travel vests you’ve seen advertised in the Sky Mall catalogs, have been on the case, and shortly after Steve Jobs announced the tablet and its specifications were revealed, the Sun Valley, Idaho, company threw the above graphic up on its website.

Personally I think a cool lather case is the right way to go…wait they’ll be available soon……

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