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Obama trys to court the GOP…..It won’t work…..But it’s good politics….

The Dog smiled when he saw a piece in the New York Times…..

Nothing could be closer to the truth…...

Barack Obama got a little too far out on limb in the last six months…..and the limb cracked…but Obama has moved back to safety……

Following the Clinton model he has become a ‘born again’ populist….Attacking the bankers…freezing the budget…..and preaching that…’ he feels your pain’……

The Dog expressed his opinion that the President needed the Republican’s (at least the moderate ones…if any are left…he, he, he) to come along with him on Healthcare….his failure to do so started this riff that he got into with the “Scott Brown effect”……Let me make it clear..’going it alone ‘ is a dangerous policy.…and has gotten Obama’s tail sniped at…..if he can’t get the Republicans to join….then they to be defined as the bad guys …period…..this is what got Bill Clinton thru the impeachment hearings…and will get Obama a second term…….

Here’s some from the piece…which links here……

Emboldened by the response to President Obama’s face-off with House Republicans last week, the White House is intensifying its push to engage Congressional Republicans in policy negotiations as a way to share the burden of governing and put more scrutiny on Republican initiatives.

The president has invited members of Congress from both parties for a meeting at the White House next Tuesday, the first of the bipartisan brainstorming sessions that Mr. Obama proposed during the State of the Union address. Republicans will also be invited to the White House this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, as well as to Camp David and other venues for social visits.

The outreach represents a marked shift in both strategy and substance by Mr. Obama and his allies at a time when Democrats are adapting to the loss of their 60-vote supermajority in the Senate and the president has been losing support among independent voters.

The White House’s goal is to show voters that Mr. Obama is willing to engage Republicans rather than govern in a partisan manner while forcing Republicans to make substantive compromises or be portrayed as obstructionist given their renewed power to block almost all legislation in the Senate.

While the strategy addresses some of Mr. Obama’s short-term political problems, it is not clear that it will help him with the more fundamental issue facing him as the leader of the party in power, which is showing voters results before Election Day, especially with unemployment in double digits and the health bill stalled.

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