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The U.S. offers to upgrade other countries troops equipment in Afghanistan….

A mine-resistant troop carrier outside the village of Pushtay in Afghanistan in January.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates pledged Friday that the United States would help protect foreign troops in Afghanistan by offering them armored transport vehicles, surveillance systems and electronic equipment to guard against roadside bombs. Such bombs have claimed more lives than any other weapon in the war.

What a wonderful common sense move….as equipment becomes available from the Iraqi campaiign…why not sell, loan or even give it to other countries troops operation in Aftghanistan?……Perhaps this might make those troops safer?……

Now no body like hand-me- downs….but nobody likes being unequiped to go out on patrols when  I.E.D.s are a re big problem….Since it cost money to pack equipment up and send it back to the states…why not find use for the stuff where it can be used……

Simple and smart……

Oh, and Gates wants to give these other armies better intel?…..why haven’t they been doing that all along?…we ARE all in this together…right?

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