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New York Senator Gillibrand addressed the Human Rights Campaign last Saturday……

Gillibrand Plays Base

Senator Gillibrand got a rollicking reception at a gala dinner for the Human Rights Campaign on Saturday night, when she said she’ll try to starve Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell of any federal funding.

“Tonight I am announcing that I plan to introduce an amendment to the budget that will bar the use of funds for the enforcement of this policy,” she said to sustained applause, punctuated with a few whoops and hollers.

That Ms. Gillibrand drew a raucous reception from the gay-rights community–which has done as much as any issue group to discourage a primary challengeto the appointed senator–is, perhaps, somewhat ironic given her uneasy place in the LGBT universe upon her appointment, just over a year ago.

It’s just the the kind of rousing address that Ms. Gillibrand–who has had her unspectacular moments in the spotlight–needs to deliver consistently as she tries to thwart a primary challenge from former CongressmanHarold Ford Jr., who seems to relish his time in front of the cameras.

Interesting…The former Blue Dog House member is trying to ride ‘Don’t Ask …Don’t Tell’ to Liberal Heaven…..

By the way…Where was Chuck Schumer?……hiding behind the curtain?

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  1. Gillibrand knows she’s F*#KED politically either way, especially if former NY State Governor George Pataki (R) decides to run for the Senate seat and if former US Rep. and DLC Chairman Harold Ford, Jr., (D-TN) runs in the Democratic primary.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | February 9, 2010 | Reply

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