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The President’s Cabinet….

Charles Lemos over @ MyDD.Com does a piece on the lack of media attention on the President’s cabinet…..

bombing by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on the Detroit-bound airliner only to recede back into the obscurity of a desk job. Does the name Shaun Donovan even ring a bell? Should we send out a search party for Hilda Solis? Has her name even surfaced once? And what is Eric Shinseki up to? The only the Cabinet officials who garner significant media attention on a sustained consistent basis are Secretary of Defense Gates, Attorney General Holder and Secretary of the Treasury Geithner. And in Geithner’s case, the attention is usually negative.

What was supposed to be a “team of rivals” has become a “team of bench warmers.” The reality is more than this stellar team sits on the sidelines of the Obama Administration because the Administration is effectively the President and his four closest advisors: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Senior Advisor David Alexrod, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and White House Senior Communications Officer David Gibbs. It is government by a clique.

Mr. Lemos should know better…his piece is right on time for any, and all modern-day administrations….be they democratic, or republican…..It’s always this way….New Presidents make big ‘Show and Tells’, welcoming their new Cabinet secretaries…then  off they go to do their work…..In the process these men and women get to know the process and the people in their departments, and a strange thing happens…..

They begin to bond with these departments, their policies and their staffs….

This poses a problem for any White House….Once these Secretaries start that process (they are after all administrators) the political needs of the White House take a second step to the secretaries desires to get policy done…..Administration staff have no such need or alliance….

Hence the need of a President to MAKE POLICY in the White House…….

Cabinet Secretaries are looked at with suspicion after a short while because of their natural inclination to guard and bond with ‘their troops’…..White House aides often are bearers of policy decision’s to Secretaries…. who have staff’s of thousand of people, bodyguards and budgets in the Billions of dollars…..

Their jobs are thankless and essential…..

But Lemos should know that usually after a short while they become the enemy to most Presidents…..

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