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Not too long ago I was in my car and decided to listen to Usher’s album Here I Stand. It had been months since the last time I listened to the album. As I made my way through each of the tracks I finally came to a song that I definitely remembered, but hadn’t heard in what seemed like forever. It was a song that was by far one of my favorites on the album. As I listened to the song the words began to speak to me and I instantly knew that I wanted to do a post on Appetite.

This song essentially is about the appetite that men have for women, especially when they are currently involved in a relationship. For the majority of men fighting their appetite is not an easy task. As a result, some men are able to curb their appetites while others find themselves indulging it. In this post I am going to touch on several aspects of the appetite; and I will be using the lyrics of Usher’s song to assist in my analysis.

.::Stay struggling with the part of me that wants to run the streets::.

Now it’s no surprise that nearly every man has an appetite for women. This alone isn’t an issue. The issue arises when a man is involved in a relationship and still feels the need to indulge his appetite for women. If his appetite grows too strong he can find himself struggling to remain faithful to his partner. At times this struggle can be overwhelming.

.:: You’d think I’d be satisfied and truthfully yes I am::.

Yet as hard as the struggle may be, more than likely the man understands that he has a good woman at home and he really doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship. In some cases the man may truly be satisfied with the woman he is in a relationship with, but his appetite can make things complex. In such situations the man must balance love and temptation.

.:: Ever since I put that band on my hand, more and more chicks trying to get at me. Then I don’t know what to do::.

Many men who have been in relationships can attest to the fact that women seem to become more interested in them once they are in committed relationships. For whatever reason men have more women showing interest in them when they are in relationships than when they were single. Some men are able to deal with this added attention, but some allow their ego and their appetites to get the best of them. One thing that usually is consistent in this situation is that the man finds himself, at some point or another, at a crossroad. He finds himself not know what he should do. Should he remain faithful to his woman or feed his appetite.

.:: Lately I been slippin up, fantasies bout dimes on the side::.

More often than not, the man will start to gradually feed his appetite by entertaining the thoughts of hooking up with another woman. Whether the man decides to creep or not, he will likely contemplate the thought or even fantasize about how things would play out if he were to indulge his appetite.

.:: Got a girl I don’t want to lose, I don’t want to lose. Break her heart, I do want to do. I don’t want to be that fool::.

More…….………including the Usher Video from which the italics are lyrics……

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