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The new reality in the Congress…Bipartisanship…..

The Dog advised for this from the jump on Healthcare….get a few Republicans…the liberal’s and progressive wanted to go it alone……

That didn’t work…..Now we are back to basic’s…….

With their 60-vote Senate majority officially kaput and their health care reform efforts stuck in limbo, Democrats in Congress will complete a pivot away from health reform Tuesday to begin work on a bill designed to chip away at the nation’s stubbornly high unemployment rate.

But instead of going it alone, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in the process of working with senior Republicans, including Orin Hatch and Chuck Grassley, to craft the measure to win GOP support for it early on. Without a filibuster-proof majority, he doesn’t have much choice.
“We want to work with the Republicans. And it appears to me on the jobs programs they want to work with us,” Reid said last Thursday when he announced his plans to take up a jobs bill.

Reid had scant details then about the plan, but he did give the broad outlines of what Senate negotiators, including Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, have been working on.

“It’s a plan that will create the right conditions for the private sector to hire more people,” Reid said. “It’s a plan for both our short-term recovery and our long-term prosperity. We believe we will do it in the right places.”

More specifically, other senators said last week they want the bill to include tax credits for small businesses that expand their workforces, an additional extension of unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies, a lending program to generate capital for small businesses and a plan to help cash-strapped states dealing with severe budget shortfalls.

In addition to jobs, the House and Senate will take up half a dozen items in committees or behind closed doors on issues that, in some cases, fell by the wayside as health care dominated the agenda last year. The week’s* hot topics include:


And this from the Dog……

In the end this helps the Democrats and Reid…bouyed by Obama’s win …Democrats wrongly thought they go it alone…..The Dogs biggest worry about Obama’s win was that Democrats would lose the natural brake of a oppostion to make them relevant…That occured for the last year…The socalled Scott Brown effect has brought them down to earth….The Dog always argued that having a few Republican’s signing up on Healthcare was desireable….and when that didn’t happen no amount of democratic dancing would work….in addtion, having things that way gave the President no cover and he’s not really one to go before the American public without covering his butt…Barack Obama is not a natural-born fighter……

And so the Congress goes back to bargaining with both parties…which provides cover and makes life a lot easier in Blue Dog and voter angry districts…..

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