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Merlin on Barbara Boxer’s California Senate race……

Hi Dog!

A new Statewide Survey in the Goden State shows Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer (D) may very well have the Race of her Political Life in 2010. She is well under 50 % and barely leads her Republican Challengers.

Rasmussen Survey

California Senate 2010

Boxer, Fiorina and Campbell……..

Incumbent Senator Barbara Levy Boxer (D)  45 %
former U. S. Rep. Tom Campbell (R)  41 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  10 %

Incumbent Senator Barbara Levy Boxer (D)  46 %
Businesswoman Carly Fiorina (R)  42 %
Others  7 %
Undecided  5 %

Incumbent Senator Barbara Levy Boxer (D)  47 %
State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R)  42 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  10 %

Job Approvals

President Obama

Approve  58 %
Disapprove  41 %

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)

Approve  27 %
Disapprove  72 %

Merlin’s Observation:

Despite a horrible JA from the “Governator” and decent Numbers from the President Senator Boxer’s Numbers are pretty underwhelming. That should be concerning.


This from Rasmussen on the race…….

The Democratic-leaning political gravity of California will certainly give Senator Boxer a boost in that effort.”

Boxer leads former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina 46% to 42%, virtually unchanged from January. Another seven percent (7%) would vote for some other candidate, while five percent (5%) are undecided. Boxer led Fiorina by nine points in November and 10 points in September.

The incumbent also holds a four-point lead over former Congressman Tom Campbell, 45% to 41%. Four percent (4%) like another candidate, and 10% are undecided. Boxer held the same lead over Campbell, just after he joined the race in January.

The fact that Boxer’s support has been stuck in the mid-40s for several surveys no matter which Republican she is matched against continues to suggest that the race for now is about her rather than about those who are running against her.

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