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Secretary of State Clinton turns up the heat on Iran's Government……

Clinton in Dohar, Qatar……should be at home with her tough words about the Iranian regime…..they echo her warning about them from her campaign….The Dog has noticed more and more that the administration of Barack Obama seems to be after the script from Hillary Clinton’s campaign model….That’s too bad…Clinton must at time be pitching herself……Obama has proved himself a better campaigner…but Clinton can find cold comfort in her better technical skills at policy and balls……

Obama was right when he urged her come on board his administration …she WAS needed…….

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that the United States feared Iran was drifting toward a military dictatorship, with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps seizing control of large swaths of Iran’s political, military, and economic establishment.

“That is how we see it,” Mrs. Clinton said in a televised town hall meeting of students at the Doha campus of Carnegie Mellon University. “We see that the government in Iran, the supreme leader, the president, the Parliament, is being supplanted and that Iran is moving towards a military dictatorship.”

The United States, she said, was tailoring a new set of tougher United Nations sanctions to target the Revolutionary Guards Corps, which controls Iran’s nuclear program and which she said had increasingly marginalized the country’s clerical and political leadership.

Mrs. Clinton’s remarks were remarkably blunt, given her audience in Qatar, a Persian Gulf emirate with close ties to Iran. But they build on the administration’s recent strategy of branding the corps as an “entitled class” that is the principal menace in Iran.

The United States, Mrs. Clinton said, would protect its allies in the gulf from Iranian aggression — a pledge that echoed the idea of a “security umbrella” that she advanced last summer in Asia. She noted that the United States already supplied defensive weapons to several of these countries, and was prepared to bolster its military assistance if necessary.

“We will always defend ourselves, and we will always defend our friends and allies, and we will certainly defend countries who are in the Gulf who face the greatest immediate nearby threat from Iran,” she said. “We also are talking at length with a lot of our friends in the Gulf about what they need defensively in the event that Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions.”

And there is this……..

Still, as the Obama administration moves from diplomacy to pressure, its policy is edging closer to the hard line toward Iran that Mrs. Clinton advocated as a presidential candidate. At times on this trip, her public comments have sounded a lot like her words on the campaign trail.


The Dog feels that Iran’s government is pushing for a bomb and suppression of the increasingly evident opposition to it’s iron fisted policies and actions….While increasing it’s rhetoric…the West continue to work by all means to contain and undermine the current rules of Iran……this will move to a showdown sometime in the future…no doubt….

The Government of the United States finally gets tough with this issue…

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