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The Democrats are in a Panic Mode……..Why?

From PoliticalWire…….. ……..

Democrats in Panic Mode

First Read: “If we told you that Democrats were favored to lose about eight Senate seats (six of which are in states Obama carried in ’08), lose some 30 to 40 in the House, and see their top domestic issue — health care — stalled in Congress, you’d guess that President Obama’s approval rating was, what, 35%? Maybe 40%? But as any close follower of American politics knows, Obama’s approval is at or near 50% (even at 53% in the always-volatile Gallup daily track). Yet Democrats, including what we saw and heard from Evan Bayh yesterday, are behaving like Obama is at 35%. This is particularly ironic when we’re just a year-plus removed from a president whose approval was 25% to 30%. There is no doubt that this is a TOUGH political environment for Democrats, but are they making it tougher by running for the hills when things might not be as bad for them as was the GOP’s situation from 2006-2008? And what does it say about the Democrats and their ability to govern when they’re acting like this when their president is at 50%? Republicans rallied around their president in ’04, when he was hovering around 50%.”

The Dog just got finished with this discussion…..essentially the Republicans are acting like the Democrats did right after Obama won the presidential election….with unrealistic aspirations for the future…..The Dog shook his head with disbelieve that the GOP would be gone for decades  like some lefty and progressive predicted…..that didn’t happen…while some Republicans might get and at the Dog here ..the fact remains that the Democrats will not shrivel up and go away in November either…..

President Obama has a 53% approval rating….that’s pretty damn good…He’s made a lot of rookie mistakes in the last year and he’s gotten grief and beatdowns for them….but the GOP is not the majority party right now….They are riding back on a lot of retirements and the hyped ‘Scott Brown’ effect…..I t remains to be seen if this wave that they are riding now ( and they are ) will continue thru to November…..Polls are alright but the you and the Democrats must remember they only measure things at that moment in time…and that moment is gone by the time the poll reported…..

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