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Wanna Know Wednesday 2.17.10….from Up 4 Discussion…..

From JSIn…..

It’s Wanna Know Wednesday!

This week we are going to do things a little bit differently.  Instead of posting a poll, we will be relying heavily on reader participation this week.  In essence, this weeks Wanna Know Wednesday is going to be very engaging and entertaining (which is what we desire) or it’s going to lack substance due to a lack of reader participation.

Now we understand that everyone who stops by isn’t going to comment and honestly that’s fine.  But for the sake of making this new style a success if you are willing, please comment and share with us.

With that out of the way lets turn our focus towards today’s topic.  This week we wanna know all about the WORST date(s) you have ever been on.

It could be traditional dates, blind dates, double dates…whatever!  If you have a crazy, traumatic or entertaining date experience please share!

Thank YOU in advance for you participation!


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