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Obama talks up the fighter in Senator Reid………

President Barack Obama praised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) as a tough leader amid the top Democrat’s tough reelection battle.

During an appearance with Reid in Henderson, Nev., Obama lionized the Nevada Democrat as one of the Senate’s top fighters.

“I can personally attest that Harry Reid is one of the toughest people I know,” Obama said during an appearance Friday. “He knows what he cares about. He knows what he believes in, and he fights for it.”

Reid is in the midst of the reelection battle of his career, with Republicans targeting the top Senate Democrat after polls had shown Reid with dismal approval numbers.

Obama acknowledged that the fight over healthcare had damaged his own popularity, and said that had extended to Reid as well.

“Healthcare’s been knocking me around pretty good,” the president said. “And it’s been knocking Harry around pretty good.”

Obama praised Reid as a key ally of his agenda in the Senate, but characterized the majority leader as someone who’s in touch with the tough economic situation, which is especially pronounced in Nevada.

The appearance alongside Reid lends the senator some key support. Several Republican candidates lead Reid in hypothetical match-ups this fall.

It’s about time the President helped out the guy stuck with pushing the Healthcare Bill…..

Reid has been taking his lumps for the President….

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