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Charlie Cook on the 2010 Dem and GOP Senate races…..

The Insider's Choice for Election Analysis

Senate Lineup: 57 Democrats, 41 Republicans, 2 Independent(s)
Senators with names in parentheses are retiring.

The chart below provides a spectrum that analyzes the vulnerability (the chances of the seat switching parties) of the Senate races up this cycle.

Solid: These races are not considered competitive and are not likely to become closely contested.
Likely: These seats are not considered competitive at this point but have the potential to become engaged.
Lean: These are considered competitive races but one party has an advantage.
Toss Up: These are the most competitive races; either party has a good chance of winning.


  2. SOLID D (7)

    Inouye (HI)

    Mikulski (MD)

    Schumer (NY-A)

    Wyden (OR)

    Leahy (VT)

    Murray (WA)

    Feingold (WI)

    LIKELY D (1)

    Gillibrand (NY-B)

    LEAN D (2)

    Boxer (CA)

    CT (Dodd)

    TOSS UP (5)

    Lincoln (AR)

    Bennet (CO)

    IL (Burris)

    Reid (NV)

    Specter (PA)

    LEAN R (1)

    IN (Bayh)

    LIKELY R (1)

    DE (Kaufman)

    SOLID R (1)

    ND (Dorgan)

    SOLID D (0) LIKELY D (0) LEAN D (0) TOSS UP (4)

    KY (Bunning)

    MO (Bond)

    NH (Gregg)

    OH (Voinovich)

    LEAN R (0) LIKELY R (3)

    FL (LeMieux)

    Vitter (LA)

    Burr (NC)

    SOLID R (11)

    Shelby (AL)

    Murkowski (AK)

    McCain (AZ)

    Isakson (GA)

    Crapo (ID)

    Grassley (IA)

    KS (Brownback)

    Coburn (OK)

    DeMint (SC)

    Thune (SD)

    Bennett (UT)
    * = potential retirement

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