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The Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and others deploy to………Haiti……

An 82nd Airborne Div. paratrooper during a medical and security assessment at a Port-au-Prince quake camp.

The United States has deployed part of the 82nd Airborne in addition to Special Operators from the Navy’s Seal’s, and the Army’s Green Berets, Rangers and Air Force Air Commando’s to help stabilize, secure and scout around the countries major city after the rescue operation……

The Pentagon has begun to withdraw combat troops already but will be keeping support troops in the country for a while……

Here’s the piece…

For eight years, America‘s most elite secret warriors have tirelessly worked to kill terrorists.

But they’ve also been quietly saving lives in muddy camps here, where hundreds of thousands of homeless have pitched tarps and tents.

Troops who for years hunted Al Qaeda suddenly made unlikely temporary alliances with Cuban Communists or Doctors Without Borders – even Hugo Chavez pal Sean Penn – to coordinate aid to quake-battered Haitians.

“It’s great to be deployed to a place where they don’t hate Americans,” a grizzled Army sergeant said. “It’s probably the most pro-American place I’ve ever been.”

Nearly six weeks after the Jan. 12 earthquake killed 217,000 people and left more than 1 million homeless, the desperation has barely abated. There is still little running water, sanitation, electricity or reliable phone service in this city of 2 million.

The stench of death and the piles of bloated corpses are gone, but Port-au-Prince still looks as if God put his thumb on the poorest city on Earth. Entire neighborhoods were felled like sandcastles in the surf. Long lines for food and water remain.

But the U.S. military mission is now winding down. International relief services are stepping in.

“We’re beyond the catastrophe stage – we’re at the stage of improving what we’ve got,” said Lt. Col. James McFadyen, an 82nd Airborne commander.

That’s a sign of success, commanders say, for the masters of chaos sent here after the quake: Navy SEALs, Air Force Air Commandos, and Army Green Berets, Rangers and paratroopers.

These veterans of classified counterterror missions are known for their smarts and cultural sensitivity.

“Things tend not to surprise us,” Army Col. Barrett Lowe, deputy commander of U.S. Special Operations in Haiti, told The News.
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/haiti/2010/02/21/2010-02-21_helping_not_hunting_wartough_gis_tackle_haitian_crisis.html#ixzz0gDOVk7LK

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  1. But the U.S. military mission is now winding down. International relief services are stepping in.

    well HOPEFULLY the bill congress PASSED

    to authorize aid to Haiti stated the military can occupy Haiti indefinitely

    Comment by Timothy Peter Leal | February 22, 2010 | Reply

    • we’ll have people there in some capacity for a long….long …time

      Comment by jamesb101 | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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