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Five ways to tell if your girls a keeper……..

From Maxim…..

We’ll list number 1 first…….

1. She offers to be your designated driver. First and foremost, when was the last time you offered to be her DD? When it comes to designated driving, use the rule of three: if you offer to drive her drunk ass around three times, and she doesn’t offer once, you might want to dump her.

Everyone knows about the car door scene in A Bronx Tale. This DD test is the modern-day equivalent to that scene (since everyone driving a respectable vehicle has remote-controlled locks, unless you’re riding around in an ’85 Honda it’s just not possible). Still, the lesson remains the same. If she offers to DD you and your drunk buddies to the club, she’s probably worth having around. If she doesn’t, she’s a selfish beyotch and you should consider yourself lucky to have recognized that early on.


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