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How to cheat and cover your butt….suggestions from women…..

Tiger Woods, Mark “the Luv Guv” Sanford, Jon Gosselin…All three of these geniuses were busted last year with their three wood in the wrong bunker. While the fact that they had affairs wasn’t shocking, the stupidity with which they conducted them was: Woods tried to bed every fame-whore he laid eyes on; Sanford barely covered his tracks when he went AWOL from South Carolina to join his lady love in Argentina; and Gosselin cavorted with a bevy of bimbos in front of the reality TV cameras that follow him everywhere.

But famous men aren’t the only cheaters. According to a recent MSNBC poll, one in five people in a monogamous relationship has a side piece—and that figure includes women. Yet you almost never read about female betrayal in newspapers and tabloids. Why? Because we’re better at hiding it. Sure, it may be a stereotype to say women are naturally sneakier or more cautious than men. But both of those things just may be true.

So if you’re itching for a fling, you should take a few tips from the ladies. To help your cause, we contacted the most adulterous women we know—most of whom have never been called on their indiscretions—and pumped them for their best advice on stepping out on a mate. Study up!

The Dog doesn’t have this problem…and he doesn’t want to get in trouble….it would cost too much money….but for those who do….well……

Here’s the link……He, he, he…….

Of course she could be doing the same thing to you….right?


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