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Nixon and Kissinger…..from Talkandpolitics…….

Dallek on Nixon and Kissinger – short review

Done with the Dallek-book on “Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power”. A good read on both politics and the people involved. Most striking were perhaps the degree of emotion and personal sensitivities driving the actions and deliberations of the two men. The need for recognition and approval was sometimes cartoon-like, with Henry routinely threating to resign because there were “no need for him” etc.

As for the foreign policy and Nixon doctrine, there’s a nice epilogue discussing the legacy and debates on China and Soviet détente, as well as Mideast policies. Some claim they laid the groundwork for ending the cold war, some say they were too soft on the issue.

Either way, a fascinating book on a fascinating subject.

From Talkandpolitcs…..

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