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New York Politics…..Sen. Gillibrand trys to figure out why Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t like her and will help anyone who wants her job…..

Mayor Bloomberg met with Sen. Gillibrand during his trip to Washington on Wednesday.

Mike has his arms folded in the above picture….
Kirsten Gillibrand is smiling……Bloomberg seems to be saying ‘nope’…and sticking to  that……

What’s that saying?….’a picture is worth a thousand words’?…….

Kirsten Gillibrand while being accepted in most of the state of New York…..really has has her work cut for her downstate….
And while Harold Ford, Jr. got taken out by the democratic liberals, progressives and the media…The New York City Mayor…Mike Bloomberg is too old  and rich to be effected by those three……..

And he doesn’t really think much of the Junior Senator from New York State in the US Congress…..

The last two men who got up and announced that they where going to run against her got sit-downs and initial help from Bloomberg or his staff…and Bloomberg offered each money if they decided to run against Gillibrand…..

……Like I said …Bloomberg doesn’t care for Gillibrand….

Maybe he thinks she isn’t helping New York City enough?…..( well she IS from Upstate …right? )
Maybe it’s her 180 degree turn on everything she once stood for?……(Ford tried that and fell on his face )
Maybe the specific policy is guns……(she supported gun rights until she became a US Senator..then backed away from them…..maybe Bloomberg doesn’t trust her on this? )

Anyawys…Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City…isn ‘t her friend…..Nope…and his arms..are crossed…..

Here’s some of the piece on the two from the New York Times….

Which seems to have it in for politicians these days…..

He gripes about her in private conversations with his aides and her colleagues on Capitol Hill. He has yet to take up her invitation to sit down for dinner. And his political team is constantly shopping for potential candidates to oust her.

As New York experiences a tumultuous election season, one question is captivating political insiders: Why does Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg so dislike Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand?

It is more than a passing concern for Ms. Gillibrand, who is still working to win over New York voters, especially downstate. The mayor’s top political advisers, with Mr. Bloomberg’s tacit support, worked behind the scenes to assist her biggest potential Democratic rival, Harold E. Ford, Jr., as he considered challenging her in the Democratic primary.

If that were not provocative enough, the mayor met with one possible Republican opponent, the billionaire Mortimer B. Zuckerman, to discuss his running, and his top political strategist sat down with another, Dan Senor, to talk about his potential campaign.

After Mr. Ford and Mr. Zuckerman decided not to run, Mr. Bloomberg — as if to taunt Ms. Gillibrand — declared that they both could probably have beaten her.

Such behavior has puzzled Ms. Gillibrand and outraged some prominent Democrats.

“I don’t get it,” Ms. Gillibrand said in a recent interview, when asked about the efforts of the Bloomberg team on behalf of her possible challengers.

Those who know both the mayor and the senator say there is a personal dimension to Mr. Bloomberg’s unhappiness with Ms. Gillibrand: Ms. Gillibrand, 43, is a relentless — and often successful — striver, eager to please and highly solicitous of potential supporters. She grew up in a political family and learned old-school campaigning early on, from her grandmother, a Democratic leader in Albany. Mr. Bloomberg, 68, can be chilly and dismissive, professes a disdain for traditional politics and favors directness over diplomacy.

For more…….

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