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Sending the Senate Finance staff to talk to the Banks about being taxed is lunacy……

Ok…When I read this I couldn’t stop laughing…..Ha, ha, ha…….

Why would send staffers to talk to bankers about taking their money away in more taxes?…..

Why…or who…. would think they would be happy to talk about THAT?

Only politicians in DC….. would even think about doing something like that…….

Senate Finance staffers on Friday met with bank executives for informal discussions on creating a tax on banks and left the meeting frustrated as executives effectively questioned how the tax could work, sources said.

The conversation lasted more than two hours and focused primarily on President Barack Obama’s charge to Congress to create a fee that would stop financial firms from taking on too much risk.

Financial executives seriously questioned the effectiveness of tax and warned it might create other headaches. They also asked about the underlying policy goal behind the initiative since, at least publicly, it seemed to punish firms from the recent collapse of the financial markets.

Apparently, no Republican members support the creation of the tax and Democratic members are unsure how to move forward on the issue.

Participants at the meeting included representatives from the American Bank Association, SIFMA, and executives from insurance companies that trade annuities.

It is unclear how the Senate will move forward on the tax.

He, he, he….these are the first two comments to the piece…..

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Too funny and scarey too. The clueless, taking orders from the clueless, interrogating financial experts, end up getting questioned and totally lack answers? ….. on 03/12/2010 at 22:27

Sending ill prepared children to do a grown-ups work. That makes no sense, just like most all of this juvenile administrations childish work efforts. What a utter waste of a presidency. Shame on American voters. Come on November to Remember. ……..on 03/13/2010 at 09:47

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