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Kentucky…The NCAA Basketball team projected to win March Madness has 31% graduation rate for it's team members…..

Going to college is about learning and getting the education to get a rewarding job that should earn you money…..right?

The age old argument still exists for college athletes….

Are they there to spend a little time making their college rich and developing their ‘brand’ before moving on to make themselves rich?

And the ones that don’t make the big time?

Do they finish school and get jobs?

Or is the whole thing just a big shame?

The Dog is bothered by a 31% graduation rate figure…..

That’s just a big disservice to the school, the athletes and NCAA*…..

EARLY THIS basketball season, when the National Collegiate Athletic Association released its 2009 Division 1 Graduation Success Rate report, interim president Jim Isch boasted how the overall graduation rate for basketball was up nearly 10 percentage points over the last eight years. “Be assured, the NCAA’s commitment to academics is as strong as it has ever been,’’ Isch said.

Walter Harrison, president of the University of Hartford and chairman of the NCAA’s academic performance committee, added, “At the ground level of academic reform on our campuses, there has been monumental change.’’

There is no assurance of monumental change until the NCAA finally grounds its worst programs. However, there is no sign of that as top-power Kentucky made the Division 1 tournament with a Graduation Success Rate of only 18 percent for its black athletes and 31 percent overall.

This program single-handedly betrays the NCAA as toothless on the exploitation of athletes. Kentucky’s graduation rate scorecard for its black players for the last six years reads like this: 18, 17, 9, 17, 17, zero. Over the last 10 years, its black player graduation rate has never risen above 29 percent. Its overall graduation rate passed 50 percent only once, in 2001.

Yet, who do we see hawking March Madness on Direct TV? Why none other than Kentucky’s $32 million coach, John Calipari. He remains one of the faces of college basketball despite Final Four appearances at UMass and Memphis that were struck from the record books for violations that damaged the reputations of the schools and its players, but somehow, not him.

This is particularly outrageous as the NCAA no longer penalizes schools in graduation-rate reports for players who leave early for the pros, as long as they were in good academic standing. Between that statistical adjustment and the schools that on their own elevated their game in the classroom, renegade programs are more exposed than ever.

The NCAA says 56 percent of black basketball players now graduate from Division 1 teams, continuing a slow increase. White players have an 81 percent graduation rate. There is plenty of praise to go around among the 65 teams that made this year’s tournament. Top-tier seeds Kansas, Duke, Villanova, Pittsburgh, and Georgetown have black player graduation rates between 67 and 100 percent. Marquette, Wofford, Brigham Young, Wake Forest, Utah State, and Notre Dame had a 100 percent graduation rate across the board.

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  1. C’mon James…It isn’ a disgrace…it is business, American business. College is all about capitalism and big business. Why should Kentucky be vilified when they are working within the system that was designed…agreed they take it to the extreme, but in the end of the day they can and they will continue to do this as long as they win championships. If those layers that don’t go on to the big show don’t make anything of themselves, well they had a good run and you and I will be suporting them and their families with our tax dollars…

    Comment by BenjaminDOG | March 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Ok….good point…but the black kids are getting the money and getting used…..

    thats evident….even if the top of the group makes money…..

    there are very few Lebrons……

    Comment by jamesb101 | March 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. […] Live Streaming Online NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament 2010 March Madness Live Scores, Schedule. The NCAA Basketball team Why none other than Kentucky’s $32 million coach, John Calipari. He remains one of the faces […]

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  4. Good article and great points. But just for the record, the study that was just resleased with these results are actually taken from the 2000-2003 seasons. Why on earth it took until now for those numbers to be released is beyond me. The graduation rate of 31% is a reflection of the Kentucky program, but not this current UK team. (Although, that number might actually go down with Wall and Cousins leaving early.)

    Comment by thestatsheet | March 19, 2010 | Reply

    • what’s the current numbers?……

      Comment by jamesb101 | March 19, 2010 | Reply

      • I wish I knew. Unfortunately, the numbers from 2000-2003 were just released. I am a Maryland fan and they were ripped in that article too. I could tell you that Maryland is at 80% for the past 3 seasons, but I dont know anything about UK. Sorry.

        Comment by thestatsheet | March 23, 2010

  5. Don’t be…Yo!…That kid from South America on Maryland ripped Duke..and I’m a Duke fan…whew!

    Comment by jamesb101 | March 23, 2010 | Reply

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