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Daniel…….North Carolina Senate: Democratic Candidates creap closer to Incumbent Senator Richard M. Burr (R-NC)…..

Hello Dog!

A new Statewide Survey in North Carolina from Public Policy Polling shows the Democratic Candidates gaining on Republican Incumbent Senator Richard Mauze Burr (R-NC).

Public Policy Polling Survey

North Carolina Senate 2010

General Election

Richard BurrSen. Michael Bennet
Incumbent Senator Richard M. Burr (R)  41 %
Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall (D)  36 %
Undecided  23 %

Incumbent Senator Richard M. Burr (R)  43 %
Former State Senator J. Calvin “Cal” Cunningham (D)  32 %
Undecided  25 %

Incumbent Senator Richard M. Burr (R)  43 %
Attorney Kenneth W. Lewis (D)  32 %
Undecided  25 %

Job Approvals

Senator Kay Hagan (D)

Approve  31 %
Disapprove  44 %
Not Sure  25 %

Senator Richard M. Burr (R)

Approve  35 %
Disapprove  37 %
Not Sure  28 %

Note: PPP is expected to release Approvals for Governor Beverly Perdue (D) & President Barack Obama (D) tomorrow.

Major Candidates Websites:


Full Results including Candidates Favorables can be found here:



So why is Marshall currently polling best in the General Election? Simply because she has the Highest Name ID. Cunningham will get closer to Burr as he becomes more known to Voters.

Daniel G.

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  1. Daniel G., Marshall is 4-1 in statewide elections, so that’s why she’s creeping CLOSER to Burr.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | March 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. retards find me a site

    Comment by jacob weedsports | April 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. you have arrived….

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 26, 2010 | Reply

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