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Large Rally in Washington D.C. for Immigration…….

While the Healthcare drama plays out in Congress and the White House other issues are simmering……

Thousands of immigrants and their supporter’s gathered in Washington D.C. to protest no action from the White House on their promise to address the issue……while it was though they could attach an immigration Bill to the Healthcare Bill….that does not appear to be the case……..

Tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters from across the United States packed the Mall on Sunday in a last-ditch effort to spur Congress and the White House to overhaul the nation’s immigration system and offer its 10.8 million illegal immigrants a path to citizenship this year against increasingly long odds.

Warmed by occasional bursts of sunshine, the festive crowd beat drums and waved American flags and placards reading “Change takes Courage” and “Obama Don’t Forget Your Promise!”

“We’ve been patient long enough. We’ve listened quietly. We’ve asked politely. We’ve turned the other cheek so many times our heads are spinning,” Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez(D-Ill.), who has led the push for immigration legislation within the House of Representatives, shouted, to roars of approval. “It’s time to let immigrants come out of the shadows into the light and for America to embrace them and protect them.”

D.C. officials do not give crowd estimates, so it was difficult to determine whether turnout reached the several hundred thousand estimated by organizers. But the rally, which stretched from Seventh to 12th streets in a dense carpet of humanity, appeared to be the movement’s largest show of strength since 2006, when mass rallies in favor of a legalization plan erupted in cities across the country.

As at past rallies by the movement, most of Sunday’s participants appeared to be Latino, including many who broke into repeated chants in Spanish, such as “Sí, se puede!” (Yes, we can!) But there were also displays of diversity, including a group of Senagalese immigrant women, who had perched tiny American flags in their traditional headdresses, and immigrant Thai families carrying signs written in the script of their native country as they pushed their American-born children in strollers.

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