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Oh, Snap!….. Lazio Endorsed by Conservative Party ……

AP/ Richard Drew: Rick Lazio during his 2000 Senate campaign.

Reports of Rick Lazio’s political demise are unfounded folks……

While the media and Steve Levy thought they had Lazio going under the bus ….the states Conservative party just stopped that move with a vote to back the fledging candidates bid to run for New York State Governor this fall……

Never count your eggs before they hatch…..Steve Levy just got a round house punch to the jaw……
A divided group of New York State Conservative Party leaders voted Saturday to throw the party’s support behind Rick A. Lazio, giving the former congressman’s troubled campaign for governor a boost as it struggles to hang on to Republican support.

The 14-5 vote, while not binding, strengthens Mr. Lazio’s position as he fights off a challenge from Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive and a Democrat who said Friday that he was switching parties to seek the Republican nomination.

Mr. Lazio, who made an appearance at Conservative Party headquarters in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, just minutes after the vote was taken, used the endorsement of the small but influential party to rebut the perception that his campaign was faltering.

“Today was a huge step forward,” he said. “This great party, the Conservative Party, which has been a decisive factor for every Republican statewide win since this party was founded, is absolutely essential. It makes me feel great, honestly, to have the support of leaders like this.”

Asked whether Mr. Levy’s entrance into the race unsettled him, Mr. Lazio responded, “I am not worried about him.”

Mr. Levy’s campaign sought to play down the significance of the vote, which it characterized as nothing more than a nonbinding recommendation from the party’s executive committee.

“This was merely an unweighted recommendation and has little meaning until a designee is officially chosen at the convention in June,” the Levy campaign said in a statement. “We anticipate major defections, as was the case with the Republican Party.”

This further on Levy…..

Mr. Levy, while largely an unknown quantity outside Long Island, has a sharp tongue and a spirited demeanor, and many Republicans say that he could make for a formidable opponent on the stump against Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, the presumptive Democratic nominee. Mr. Levy also has more than $4.1 million on hand and has attracted the attention of prominent national Republican political consultants and donors. He plans to hold fund-raising events in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Palm Beach, Fla., in the coming weeks.

And leaders of some of the state’s largest Republican county organizations have been defecting to Mr. Levy’s campaign in growing numbers since he declared, loosening Mr. Lazio’s once-firm grip on the nomination. Whether Mr. Levy can secure a place on the ballot is largely up to the Republican county organizations, which will send delegates to that party’s nominating convention in June.

Because Mr. Levy’s party switch will not take effect until after the November election, he must receive the support of more than 50 percent of the delegates. Mr. Lazio, as a registered Republican, needs more than 25 percent to get on the ballot.

For the whole piece…..

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  2. Yeah, sure. Lazio still needs money to run though, and he only has 1/8th of the money Levy has in his war chest. Yeah, guess Lazio still sucks after Hillary destroyed him 10 years ago.

    Comment by Linda | March 22, 2010 | Reply

    • I take it you don’t like the guy……Why?

      Comment by jamesb101 | March 22, 2010 | Reply

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