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A story about getting accepted to College….

A lot of us have been here……The Dog was there a long time ago…the but it was the same ….you’re a little crazy till you find out where your going….Back in the day it was grades and SAT scores…..plain and simple…..we had no money….I was going local…period….

And in the Dogs college time…if you miss the cut…you might get drafted……

He, he,he I’m showing my age……..

The end is near.
That is the refrain chanted in some 3 million homes with high school seniors across the country, mine included, as they wait to learn which college will be lucky enough to accept them as freshmen. Over the next two weeks, America’s colleges and universities will be sending out thick envelopes to students whom they welcome to the class of 2014 and thin envelopes to those they understand to be highly qualified but for whom this university is just not the right place.
Our son, Josh, is a senior, and it’s hard to believe that this day is at hand. After spending countless hours working on his personal essay, meeting with the college counselor, and recalling exactly what he did on that community service project in Romania three years ago, he may finally be able to relax. Josh, like the two out of every three high school seniors who continue on to college, will soon know where he will be spending the next four years.


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