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Netanyahu gets hit by Washington and London…..

In a continuation of the ‘family feud between Netanyahu and Obama and Clinton in Washington….. the Israeli Prime minister does not give an inch…..His country has seen punitive action  also by Great Britain….. which has expelled a diplomat in connection with a ‘wet’ job done,  where the special operators had faked British passports……

Bibi is now firmly stuck trying to keep his government coalition together by digging in on the settlements in Jerusalem that some want, thus keeping them happy and an American President that has signalled that he will move ever closer to the Palestinians and Arabs to get some sort of peace in that region…..

That region has had little, or no real movement towards peace for decades…..

Things are so bad…that the White House had no pictures from inside at the meeting between Obama nd Netanyahu…..

Mr. Netanyahu finds himself at odds with the United States and Britain partly because of the coalition he is having to manage at home. He has personally moved even farther to the right, while driving a political alliance with even more conservative elements. But some analysts say that Mr. Netanyahu has more leeway than it appears, that he could build a more centrist coalition if he chose to.

Meanwhile, both Britain and the United States have become increasingly frustrated with these Israeli political currents, with officials in both countries expressing doubts about whether such a conservative alliance could ever move forward on a peace plan.

Mr. Netanyahu’s difficult position was on display during an unusually testy visit to Washington. He and Mr. Obama did not appear side by side before reporters or even pose for cameras before their meeting.

Just hours after delivering a defiant speech in which he told a pro-Israel lobby that “Jerusalem is not a settlement; it’s our capital,” Mr. Netanyahu refused to budge on an American demand that he reverse a housing plan in the Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

He did pledge to adhere to more rigid controls over announcements of construction in East Jerusalem, carrying from meeting to meeting here a diagram that he said laid out how much red tape Israelis must go through before they could expand housing there.

But it remained unclear whether he would even allow scheduled negotiations with thePalestinians to focus on substantive issues like borders and security, another American demand.


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For CD….The Texas Down Ballot list…….

Lieutenant Governor

Republican-David Dewhurst (R)-incumbent since January 21, 2003: elected in 2002; re-elected in 2006. Previously served as Commissioner of the General Land Office from 1999-2003.

Democratic-Linda Chavez Thompson (D).

Attorney General-

Republican: Greg Abbott (R)-incumbent since December 2, 2002. Elected in 2002; re-elected in 2006 and previously served on the Texas Supreme Court and was a district judge.

Democratic-Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D): unsuccessful Democratic nominee for the United States Senate in 2006.

Comptroller of Public Accounts

Republican: Susan Combs (R)-incumbent since 2003; elected in 2006. Previosuly served as Texas’ 10th Commissioner of Agriculture from 1999-2007 and served 2 terms in the Texas House of Representatives from 1995-1999.

UNOPPOSED, no Democratic opponent.

Commissioner of the General Land Office

Republican: Jerry Patterson (R)-incumbent since 2003; elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. Previously served in the Texas State Senate (District 11-Houston) from 1993-1999 and was an unsuccessful candidate in the GOP primary for Land Commissioner in 1998.

Democratic-Former State Senator Hector Uribe (D-Brownsville): Previously served in the TX House of Representatives for 3 years from 1978-1981 and also served 10 years in the Texas State Senate (District 27) representing Brownsville from 1981 until 1991 and was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for TX Railroad Commissioner in 1996.

Commissioner of Agriculture

Republican: Todd Staples (R)-incumbent since 2007; elected in 2006. Previously served in the Texas State Senate (District 3-Palestine) from 2001-2007 and served in the Texas House of Representatives (District 11) from 1995-2001 and also served on the Palestine City Council from 1989-1991.

Democratic-Hank Gilbert (D): was the unsuccessful Democratic nominee for TX Agriculture Commissioner in 2006.

Railroad Commissioner, Place 2-OPEN (due to the surprising defeat of incumbent Railroad Commission Chairman Victor G. Carrillo (R), who was seeking a 2nd full six-year term this year in the GOP primary 3 weeks ago).

Republican: David Porter (R)
Democratic: Jeff Weems (D).

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Daniel……Florida Senate: Finally Rasmussen coming to his senses by releasing a 3-way Race Poll with Crist running as Independent…..

Hi Dog!

Well, what can I say. It took Scott Rasmussen a really, really long time to figure out that Crist can’t win the Republican Primary for Senate….. so he finally released a General Election Poll with Crist running as Independent. The Numbers don’t bode well for the Incumbent Governor. Meanwhile Rubio still leads Crist by 22 Points in the Republican Primary for Senate.

Rasmussen Survey

Florida Senate 2010

Republican Primary

Former House Speaker Marco Rubio  56 %
Incumbent Governor Charlie Crist  34 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  8 %

General Election

Incumbent Governor Charlie Crist (R)  45 %
U. S. Rep. Kenrick B. Meek (D)  34 %
Others  11 %
Undecided  10 %

Former House Speaker Marco Rubio (R)  48 %
U. S. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (D)  34 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  11 %

General Election (w Crist running as Independent Candidate)

Former House Speaker Marco Rubio (R)  42 %
Incumbent Governor Charlie Crist (I)  25 %
U. S. Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (D)  22 %
Undecided  11 %

Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  43 %
Disapprove  55 %

Governor Charlie Crist (R)

Approve  45 %
Disapprove  54 %

Major Candidates Websites:



No Analysis as you likely know everything about this Race by now.

Daniel G.

Daniel….Didn’t Meek show better in the none Rasmussen polls in the general?

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Daniel…..Arizona Governor: Goddard trails two potential Republican Candidates BUT beats Incumbent Governor Brewer……

Hi Dog!

A new Statewide Survey in Arizona shows State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D-AZ) beats Incumbent Republican Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) who assumed Office when then Governor Janet Napolitano (D-AZ) resigned to become the Secretary of Homeland Security in the Obama Administration. However Goddard trails two potential Republican Candidates, State Treasurer Dean Martin (R-AZ) and United States Marine Chor Veteran Owen “Buz” Mills (R-AZ) Should the Incumbent not make it out of the Primary.

Rasmussen Survey

Arizona Governor 2010

General Election

[ Brewer and Goddard ]
State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D)  45 %
Incumbent Governor Jan Brewer (R)  36 %
Others  12 %
Undecided  7 %

State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D)  42 %
Ex State Party Chair John Munger (R)  36 %
Others  13 %
Undecided  9 %

State Treasurer Dean Martin (R)  43 %
State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D)  38 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  13 %

United States Marine Chor Veteran Owen “Buz” Mills (R)  43 %
State Attorney General Terry Goddard (D)  37 %
Others  7 %
Undecided  13 %

Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  42 %
Disapprove  56 %

Governor Jan Brewer (R)

Approve  41 %
Disapprove  55 %

Major Candidates Websites:



As I already outlined in the AZ GOP Primary Post a couple of Days ago that Arizona Republican’s might be better off by nominating someone else instead of Brewer. Nice to see RAS is backing up my Theory. To make the Point Chrystal Clear he only gives Brewer only a 41 % JA. You usually don’t win Elections with Approvals numbers like that.

Daniel G.

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Daniel…..Indiana Senate: Democrat Ellsworth badly trails two Republicans Opponents; Hostettler yet again performs better than Coats …..

Hello Dog!

A new Statewide Survey in the Hoosier State shows presumptive Democratic Candidate John Bradley “Brad” Ellsworth (D-IN) badly trailing two of the three Main Republican Candidates. Once again former U. S. Rep. John Hostettler (R-IN) performs better than former Senator Daniel Ray “Dan” Coats (R-IN). AMAZINGLY even little known State Senator Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) runs ahead of Ellsworth.

As you may all know: Ellsworth VOTED for President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill.

Rasmussen Survey

Indiana Senate 2010

General Election

[ Coats and Ellsworth ]
Former Senator Daniel Ray “Dan” Coats (R)  49 %
U. S. Rep. John Bradley “Brad” Ellsworth (D)  34 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  12 %
Former U. S. Rep. John N. Hostettler (R)  50 %
U. S. Rep. John Bradley “Brad” Ellsworth (D)  32 %
Others  4 %
Undecided  15 %
State Senator Marlin Stutzman (R)  41 %
U. S. Rep. John Bradley “Brad” Ellsworth (D)  34 %
Others  6 %
Undecided  18 %

Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  39 %
Disapprove  60 %

Governor Mitch Daniels (R)

Approve  69 %
Disapprove  30 %

Major Candidates Websites:



First of all….. many Democrats are saying that Republicans are leading in Key Races just because of Health Care Debate which came to and end on Sunday. I disagree sharply. I think it’s overblown. That being said…… it remains to be seen if the HCR Vote from Ellsworth…. in favor….. will hurt him or not. The Economy is still pretty bad in that State….. which will also have an impact.

Daniel G.

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Daniel…… Wisconsin Senate: Potential Race between Feingold and Thompson remains a Toss-Up; Feingold however leads 2 announced Challengers by 14 and 17 Points……

Hello Dog!

First of all I’m sorry I couldn’t do Polling News earlier but you’ve to understand my Day was pretty busy. There will be Polling News NOW and plenty of it.

To Dog Readers: “The Dog” will publish all ……….

A new Statewide Survey in Wisconsin shows a potential Senate Race between Incumbent Democratic Senator Russell “Russ” Feingold (D-WI) and former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (R-WI) remains a Toss-Up. However Feingold leads his two announced Challengers Terrence Wall (R-WI) and Dave Westlake (R-WI) by 14 and 17 Points.

Public Policy Polling Survey

Wisconsin Senate 2010

Incumbent Senator Russell D. “Russ” Feingold (D)  47 %  (50 % in Nov. 2009)
Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (R)  44 % (41 % in Nov. 2009)
Undecided  9 %

Incumbent Senator Russell D. “Russ” Feingold (D)  48 %
Real Estate Developer Terrence Wall (R)  34 %
Undecided  18 %

Incumbent Senator Russell D. “Russ” Feingold (D)  48 %
Businessman Dave Westlake (R)  31 %
Undecided  21 %

Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  46 %
Disapprove  48 %
Not Sure  6 %

Senator Herbert “Herb” Kohl (D)

Approve  46 %
Disapprove  36 %
Not Sure  18 %

Senator Russell D. “Russ” Feingold (D)

Approve  45 %
Disapprove  41 %
Not Sure  13 %

Health Care

Favor  40 %
Oppose  50 %
Not Sure  10 %

Major Candidates Websites:


The Full Poll Results including Candidates Favorables can be found here:


Some Points well taken:

I’m sure when “The Dog” comes back this evening he’ll ONCE AGAIN put up his big Spinning Machine and spin this Poll as good News for Democrats & Feingold. I’ve to admit both Candidates, Feingold and Thompson would have their vulnerabilities. Fact is this Poll is BAD for Feingold. PPP sees like some other Pollsters too the President under 50 %. The Independents have MOVED from a 47-41 Feingold lead in November to an 45-40 Thompson lead now. That’s an 11-Point Swing.

Also, considering the NOISES Thompson is making over and over again he’ll likely to run AND EVEN Feingold things he will. The First thing Thompson did on Monday was critizicing Obama’s Health Care Bill.
We only  have to wait a couple of more weeks more as Thompson is reportedly making a Final Decision after the Easter Holidays.

Daniel…I’m not saying a thing more on this until, Tommy decides…..So THERE!…….He, he, he…..

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Jordan Spizike Black/Varsity Red-Stealth Detailed Photos……

Air Jordan Spiz'ike Black/Varsity Red-Stealth

Jordan Brand has already released twoSpizike colorways so far this year, and both of them were well-received by many of you. However, when we showed you this Jordan Spizike Black/Varsity Red-Stealth last week, positive and negative remarks followed the posting of this colorway. We now have detailed photos of this soon-to-be-released Spizike.

The element that garnered the most attention on this shoe is the black patent leather sections (side panels, collar area). Is it safe to say that the majority of you rather have a 100% leather Spizike as opposed to the patent leather finish? This Spizike also features the elephant print in black as well. Other features include a red, scripted inner lining and a stealth grey outsole. What are your final thoughts on this particular Jordan Spizike?Click here to view detailed photos.

From NiceKickes…..

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Weekly Movie Box Office leaders…..

2009 – 2008 – 2007 – 2006 – 2005 – 2004 – 2003 – 2002 – 2001 – 2000
1999 – 1998 – 1997 – 1996 – 1995 – 1994 – 1993 – 1992 – 1991 – 1990
1989 – 1988 – 1987 – 1986 – 1985 – 1984 – 1983 – 1982

(Click to view)
Top 12 Total* Change #1 Movie Week
Mar. 12–18 $183,809,402 -22.8% Alice in Wonderland 11
Mar. 5–11 $237,942,328 +71.7% Alice in Wonderland 10
(Click to view)
Top 12 Total* Change #1 Movie Week
Feb. 26–Mar. 4 $138,555,599 -10.4% Shutter Island 9
Feb. 19–25 $154,622,652 -38.6% Shutter Island 8
Feb. 12–18 $251,874,775 +91.8% Valentine’s Day 7
Feb. 5–11 $131,292,913 -7.6% Dear John 6
(Click to view)
Top 12 Total* Change #1 Movie Week
Jan. 29–Feb. 4 $142,070,634 -13.7% Avatar 5
Jan. 22–28 $164,568,765 -27.4% Avatar 4
Jan. 15–21 $226,781,418 +15.7% Avatar 3
Jan. 8–14 $196,014,312 -28.3% Avatar 2
Jan. 1–7 $273,431,830 -43.7% Avatar 1

Highlight indicates latest week.

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Chaos Theory – K Street Memo, Leaked!

From PoliticsDaily…..

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Getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan…….

A piece on how the U.S. Army gets its troop ready to go fight in Afghanistan…..

CAMP GUERNSEY, Wyo. — Looking for a place to prepare for its yearlong combat tour in Afghanistan in September, the infantry battalion that calls itself “the Wild Boars” settled on this remote patch of windswept high plains.

For a month, its soldiers battled blizzards and sub-zero temperatures, conditions that are common to Afghanistan’s mountainous terrain. They practiced shooting almost straight up steep ridges, and straight down. They shot daytime and nighttime. They shot while running and they shot while running and wearing heavy packs. They practiced rappelling their wounded down mountainsides. They practiced calling in live artillery fire. The logistics guys practiced pushing hot meals, water and ammo out 15 miles to remote patrol bases. They ran night patrols and practiced chasing down insurgents who had set ambushes for them. In accordance with the Army’s three imperatives, they moved, they shot, they communicated.

For the first frigid days they felt sorry for themselves, coming as they did out of the semi-tropical warmth of Fort Polk, La. Then they got down to business. They lived hard, waking with frost on their sleeping bags, shaving in ice water, eating with their gloves on. They knelt in quick huddles, hunched against a cutting wind, to game plan their maneuvers. And at month’s end, they flew home, having first practiced how to gracefully reintegrate with their families at Fort Polk, a skill critical to keeping military families intact.

President Obama’s “surge” of 30,000 additional troops into Afghanistan is well under way, with the final units arriving late this summer.

Less visible is the continuing rotation into and out of Afghanistan of the 83,000 U.S. troops already there on 12-month deployments. Combined with the 86,000 U.S. Army soldiers serving in and around Iraq, the war imposes an unrelenting schedule on troops and families. It means soldiers spend weeks away from home on field exercises, replicating the conditions under which they will operate in combat.

And the coming deployments are expected to be hard ones, despite the Obama surge. “We are not likely to see the dramatic decrease in violence [in Afghanistan] that we saw in the first six months [of the surge] in Iraq,” Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in the region, told the Senate Armed Services Committee this week. “2010 will be a difficult year, a year that will see progress in reversal of Taliban gains, but also a year of tough fighting and periodic setbacks.”

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