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The Stimulus Bill Mythology……

This guy writes about all the bull that defines almost any policy or action that comes out of Washington D.C these days……

The Dog defended the Stimulus Bill action last year…not because it was the best thing….but because I knew it would work….never mind that the BIG Banks gamed the system….they did…..never mind that Wall Street gamed most investors……they did also…

I was looking out for the little guy…who always gets screwed along with the middle class….who lost their jobs. and houses..not just their bonuses

Anyways…..Here’s his piece on  about a few BS stories and the truth……

Dispelling stimulus myths … what took so long?

Talk about late to the party.

More than a year since the launch of the economic stimulus program and about four months since critics attacked the accuracy of spending data, the head of the panel overseeing the Obama administration’s economic recovery program responded on Monday to “gratuitous criticism from some journalists and Internet grouches.”

Earl Devaney, chairman of the nonpartisan Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, said he’s “listened patiently” for the past year and now hopes to “bury the most publicized urban legends about the Board and the Recovery program.” (Devaney and the RAT Board oversee Recovery.gov and investigates claims of waste, fraud and abuse of stimulus funding.)

Writing on his “Chairman’s Corner” blog, Devaney refuted oft-repeated complaints about “phantom” Congressional districts (“These were simple clerical errors”), claims that he reports to President Obama (“We do not take orders from either the administration or Congress”) and that the money is funding “stupid projects” (“We have nothing whatsoever to do with distributing funds or deciding what projects get funded”).

“What’s important, considering the repeated distortions and misrepresentations, is not that the Recovery Board is being unfairly criticized,” Devaney wrote. “We can take the heat. The problem is that the public’s confidence in the Board is undermined when such nonsense spreads like wildfire across the Internet. Citizens may not like what they see, but they have a right to see their government’s actions clearly.”

A fair point, Earl, but where were you last year when the program launched? Why didn’t you speak out then? Where were you four months ago when news reports and critics highlighted those incorrect Congressional districts?

Asked why Devaney decided to speak out now, a RAT Board spokesman simply said: “We have had a lot going on.”

Still seems like too little, too late.

From The Washington Post.……


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