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Bayh sends $1 million to Ellsworth…….

[ Bayh and Ellsworth ]

Ellsworth could sure use the money…..

He’s currently behind all the Republicans running for Bayh’s Indiana Senate seat……

“This is a million-dollar vote of confidence in Brad Ellsworth and Indiana Democrats,” Bayh said in a statement released by the Indiana Democratic Party.

“Though I am leaving the Senate at the end of my term, I am determined to help Brad Ellsworth and the 2010 Democratic ticket with the financial resources they need to run a successful campaign.”

Bayh is actually sending the $1 million to the Indiana Democratic Party (IDP), which will spend the money on Ellsworth’s behalf.

The Indiana Democratic Party called the donation “the largest by an individual not on the ballot,” and Meredith McGehee, policy director of the Campaign Legal Center, likewise said she could not point to a larger contribution in recent memory.

“A million-dollar donation is pretty impressive and seems pretty unprecedented,” McGehee said. “Usually you see maybe one to a party in the tens of thousands, but certainly a million dollars is eye-popping.”


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  1. Bayh did help the late Frank O’Bannon keep the IN governorship in Democratic control back in 1996 when he was termed out after 8 years in office.

    I’ve always believed Bayh missed being an executive who liked being in control of state government and the legislature, which explains his boredom in the Senate after 12 years.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | March 24, 2010 | Reply

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