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There are Muslim American Soldiers in the Army……They are the new targets…..

Right after 9/11 I remember reading that the US military was looking for Arabic speaking people to join and help the country fight the ‘new’ war and the enemy…

A lot of the soldiers and other’s that joined various services where muslims…..

After 9/11 faded…things were Okay…not great…but after the incident at Fort Hood, where  Army Major Nidal M. Hasan, allegedly killed 13 people…things got sideways and nasty for most of the soldiers that happened to be muslimprimarily…

The Dog did a story a few months ago about a program in the Army that actively recruits Arabic solders men and female’s for service withe Army, Air Force and other organizations in the US military …primarily for intelligence work…..

Those soldiers now carry a monkey on their back……

Before the link…..

I am reminded of the FBI agent that sued the FBI because he was Arab/American and had to endure the same prejudice in his organization and could get the trust of the superiors he worked for…..

Are the Arabs/Americans……America’s new Negro?

Here’s something from the piece……


Someone was mule-kicking the door of his barracks room, leaving marks that weeks later — long after Army investigators had come and gone — would still be visible.

By the time Klawonn reached the door, the pounding had stopped. All that was left was a note, twice folded and wedged into the doorframe.

“F— YOU RAGHEAD BURN IN HELL” read the words scrawled in black marker.

The slur itself was nothing new. Klawonn, 20, the son of an American father and a Moroccan mother, had been called worse in the military. But the fact that someone had tracked him down in the dead of night to deliver this specific message sent a chill through his body.

Before he enlisted, the recruiters in his home town of Bradenton, Fla., had told him that the Army desperately needed Muslim soldiers like him to help win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yet ever since, he had been filing complaint after complaint with his commanders. After he was ordered not to fast and pray. After his Koran was torn up. After other soldiers jeered and threw water bottles at him. After his platoon sergeant warned him to hide his faith to avoid getting a “beating” by fellow troops. But nothing changed.

Then came the November shootings at Fort Hood and the arrest of a Muslim soldier he’d never met: Maj. Nidal M. Hasan, who is charged with killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 in a massacre that stunned the nation. And with it, things only got worse.

Staring at the note in his hands that dark February morning, Klawonn trembled with panic and frustration. His faith, he believed, had made him a marked man in the Army. Now the November rampage had only added to his visibility.


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