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The Tea Party movement…. young, inexperienced and underfunded spells trouble for the GOP……

My partner Daniel….Is hoping for a windfall in November elections…..

He feels that the countries voters will be mad at Obama and Healthcare…..mad enough to vote Republicans into majorities in the House or Senate…….

I don’t thing that’s gonna happen…For one…I think the Healthcare Bill is going to be ancient history by November…Number two…the President seems to be holding his own after last weeks good performance…And number three is the emergence of the Tea Party movement…..

Because most of its members come from the Republican party ….. the GOP gets a split from its base……and from that split we are seeing numerous local candidates springing up to run for office…..almost all are new..but strongly motivated….and almost all have little or no funds….but as is the case in Nevada Senator Reid’s case…running a Tea Party candidate may do nothing more than provide Democrats with chance to keep more seats than Daniel thinks the GOP will be able to take ……

I keep reminding Daniel about AL Gore and Ralph Nader stealing his best chance to win the Presidency…..

The question is being asked as homegrown candidates confront brute realities of politics: reluctant donors, limited party support, inexperienced staffers and the uphill fight against incumbents

Grassroots support remains vigorous, as evidenced by the thousands of tea-party activists who gathered Saturday in Searchlight, Nev., to protest the health-care law and urge the ouster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Yet despite thronging primary races across the U.S., true tea-party candidates have stumbled at the polls. In the March 2 Texas primary, 18 incumbent Republican House members faced multiple challengers, including a flock of tea-party faithful. The incumbents won handily, with only one garnering below 60% of the vote.

“The problem with the tea-party movement is it has inspired too many candidates,” says Patrick Hughes, a candidate with tea-party backing who was trounced by Rep. Mark Kirk in the crowded Illinois Republican Senate primary. “The movement will fail if it can’t coalesce behind candidates who can win.”

Organizers hope public anger over President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul will help tea-party candidates who fiercely opposed the plan. Many are now promising to help repeal the law if they win, and are using the bill to try to drum up support from donors.

The movement began last year as a backlash against the growth of the government, federal bailouts and the national debt. The next big test comes in May, when 10 states hold primaries, including the tea-party hotbeds of Indiana and Ohio. The Republican establishment is watching to see if tea-party voters fall in line behind the national party’s candidates.

Handicappers are predicting heavy Democratic losses in November. Democrats hope the tea-party surge will soften that blow by diluting Republican campaign coffers and pulling mainstream conservatives to the right, imperiling their chances in the general election.

House and Senate Races in 2010


The whole House of Representatives and a third of Senate seats are on the ballot in 2010. See which races are considered closest.

“This is great news for us,” says Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC has launched a Web site to highlight divisions in the GOP primaries.


From the Wall Street Journal…..

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  1. [The Tea Party movement…. young, inexperienced and underfunded ]

    Actually, most of the members seem to be middle aged and older. Many of them are on social security and Medicare and complaining about the government taking over their health insurance. It’s the world gone crazy.

    Comment by Ben Hoffman | March 29, 2010 | Reply

    • I meant they knew little about the way politics REALLY works…..

      And since Obama got elected..the place has indeed gone a bit batshit crazy!

      Comment by jamesb101 | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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