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Whitman is spending a boatload of money in the California race for Governor…..

Meg Whitman

From PoliticalWire……

Whitman’s Unprecedented Ad Blitz

The San Jose Mercury News notes that since the begininng of the year, Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor in California spent $27.2 million — more than $4 a second.

“At that pace, in the time it takes to read this sentence aloud, the campaign will have spent another 50 bucks to pulverize her already-battered GOP opponent, Steve Poizner, whom she’s beating by 50 points in the polls.”

You know the Dog thought Jerry Brown had this locked up……

No more…..

While I think voters will eventually come home to Brown…..Whitman’s money could be the food for a upset……

She’s got the GOP nomination locked up…That’s for sure

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  1. James B, she’s the female version of TONY SANCHEZ

    Sanchez spent over $72 million in his bid for the Texas governorship in 2002 against Governor Rick Perry (R).

    PS: Brown still WINS.

    Comment by Conservative Democrat | March 29, 2010 | Reply

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