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From Talkandpolitcs…….Sarkozy goes to Washington…….

The French President rounds of his two-day trip with meeting Obama today Tuesday march 30th at 3:30pm, following a press conference in Rose Garden 4:45 and a private dinner w/Carla Bruni and the Obama’s in the White House at 6:30pm.

The trip has several agendas – mending fences with the White House, discussing Nato, upcoming French leadership of G-20, European participation in the Mideast military and strategic operations, and international market and financial reforms and regulations.

The passage of health care reform in Congress has restrengthened Obama’s position abroad, and Sarkozy is struggling politically at home and could use a foreign policy win.

From the Sarko speech at Columbia University yesterday

“I know people don’t always understand how the EU functions, but you have to realise it’s comprised of 27 countries who fought each other for centuries” he stated. And to complicate matters, “Within the 27, there are 16 of us who decided to use the same currency.”


This from our friend over @ Talkandpolitics.….

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