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Iraqi drawdown…..Afghan startup……moving the troops and whatever….Logistics…..

The US Army is drawing down in Iraq……and beefing up in Afghanistan……

The process of doing both…at the same timne….is mammoth……

But under orders from the Commander-in-Chief…..the Unites States Military……The US Army, Air Force , Navy and others will be packing up in one theatre …and trucking, railroading , shipping and flying two thousand miles around Iran to another war country…..

This piece gives an idea about what its all about……

In trying to speed 30,000 reinforcements into Afghanistan while reducing American forces in Iraq by 50,000, American commanders are orchestrating one of the largest movements of troops and matériel since World War II. Military officials say that transporting so many people and billions of dollars’ worth of equipment, weapons, housing, fuel and food in and out of both countries between now and an August deadline is as critical and difficult as what is occurring on the battlefield.

Military officials, who called the start of the five-month logistics operation “March Madness,” say it is like trying to squeeze a basketball through a narrow pipe, particularly the supply route through the Khyber Pass linking Pakistan and Afghanistan.

So many convoys loaded with American supplies came under insurgent attack in Pakistan last year that the United States military now tags each truck with a GPS device and keeps 24-hour watch by video feed at a military base in the United States. Last year the Taliban blew up a bridge near the pass, temporarily suspending the convoys.

“Hannibal trying to move over the Alps had a tremendous logistics burden, but it was nothing like the complexity we are dealing with now,” said Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, the commander of the United States Third Army. He spoke at a military base in the Kuwaiti desert before a vast sandscape upon which were armored trucks that had been driven out of Iraq and were waiting to be junked, sent home or taken on to Kabul, Afghanistan.

The general is not moving elephants, but the scale and intricacy of the operation are staggering. The military says there are 3.1 million pieces of equipment in Iraq, from tanks to coffee makers, two-thirds of which are to leave the country. Of that, about half will go on to Afghanistan, where there are already severe strains on the system.


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  1. Sad all those young soldiers have to die in VAIN for a scam and some barrels of oil

    Comment by Timothy Peter Leal | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. they are volunteers….

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 1, 2010 | Reply

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