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Aerial Tanker bids pushed back 60 days for EADS…….

[ An Airbus A-330 Tanker Aircraft landing…Notice the tail refueling boom tucked in……..]

The Dog is happy to see this but still doesn’t understand why the WHITE HOUSE doesn’t step in and take both the Boeing and Airbus Tanker versions…..

The US Air Force currently has two types of tankers…why not keep it that way?

EADS, the owner of Airbus, had partnered with Northrop Grumman to compete against Chicago-based Boeing on the roughly $40 billion contract. But Northrop dropped out of the competition in March, saying that the government’s requirements favored Boeing’s proposed 767 aircraft. EADS had asked the Pentagon for a 90-day extension so that it could submit a bid of its own.

Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said on Wednesday that the government would extend the deadline from May 10 to July 9 if EADS expressed an interest in submitting a bid. He said the Pentagon still plans to award the contract early this fall.

In a statement, EADS spokesman Guy Hicks said the company has “carefully assessed the many requirements necessary to participate.”

“We have firmly indicated that a 90-day extension would be the minimum time necessary to prepare a responsible proposal for this $40 billion program,” Hicks said. “We will consider the Department’s decision to offer a 60 day extension.”


And French Presdient Sarkozy has spoken to Obama about the matter…which Obama played off to Defense Secretary Gates…..which, of course, is nonsense…..Gates works for Obama…… and just like with Holder and Gitmo….The President can make the move to both tankers at anytime…..

Doing so would garner big politcal support in Washington State (Boeing ) and Alamaba where the Airbus tanker would be built……

Answering a French reporter’s question during a joint news conference with Obama at the White House, Sarkozy stressed the importance of trust between the two nations, particularly in the bidding for the new tankers.

The French president and other European officials have criticized the bidding process as unfairly favoring Boeing over the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.

“I said to him, ‘I trust you.’ And I do trust him,” Sarkozy said. “If you say to me that the request for proposals, the call for tenders, will be free, fair and transparent, then we say EADS will bid, and we trust you.”

“The trust is justified,” Obama replied, noting that Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who’s been overhauling procurement procedures, would make the decision.

“The president does not meddle in these decisions. … I maintain an arm’s length approach,” Obama added, “but I have assurances from Secretary of Defense Gates that, in fact, the rebidding process is going to be completely transparent, completely open and a fair competition.”

Earlier, during a visit with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London, Sarkozy’s disappointment with the tanker bidding had been more evident.

“If they want to be heard in the fight against protectionism, they should not set the example of protectionism,” Sarkozy was quoted as saying by Reuters. “There is what you say, and then there is what you do.”


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