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SIkorsky slips two two years back on the initial flight of the Marines CH-53K…….

Is the Dog surprised?


Why not?

Cause why should I be?

The Navy and the Marines have slipped up on the Marine One Chopper bid……which now is now being RE-BIDED!

So that the Navy can give the bid to Sikorsky.……. since they are obviously are so good …..that they can build a NEW Marine One Chopper…..

……better than the NINE choppers the Navy already has, but doesn’t know what to do with?

(oh, did I mention they where made by Augusta-Westland…and are just what the Bush White House Military Office ordered when the current Defense Secretary ok’d the the deal….but that’s another story )

Buy American folks!…….Let the taxpayers eat the overruns, delays and mess-ups!

It’s the American way!

Here’s the story on the CH-53K from Aviation Week…..

The first flight of the U.S. Marine Corps’ heavy lifter CH-53K helicopter has slipped two years to 2013, while its initial operational capability (IOC) has slid three years to 2018, officials have confirmed to AVIATION WEEK.

The date slips come as no surprise to the Marines and the CH-53K program office at Naval Air Systems Command (Navair). In January 2009, program manager Capt. Rick Muldoon submitted a Program Deviation Report for the aircraft’s critical design review (CDR) to the Pentagon acquisition headquarters. The CDR is now slated for September, representing a year’s delay.

“The FY ’18 IOC was directly tied to the [FY ’11] presidential budget,” Muldoon tells Aviation Week. The Marines had been hesitant to reveal new program milestone dates until the budget was finalized. “I needed to know the funding profile” prior to confirming a new plan for the aircraft, Muldoon says. “We’re delivering to the current execution schedule we laid in place, which ties in nicely to the FY ’18 IOC.”

Muldoon says the original CH-53K schedule was “overly aggressive.” The push to 2018 allows more time for manufacturer Sikorsky, the Navy and Marines to achieve the right technical maturity on all the aircraft systems……


My Previous Rants about the Marine One debacle….




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  1. I know this is the wrong thread, but Obama could make the argument for drill baby drill…that it is less carbon intensive to get oil from local sources than have thousands of super oil tankers bring oil from half way around the world to the US. Don’t know if that would sell with the Green Communities, but it would help with th centrists.

    Comment by BenjaminDOG | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. He thought long and hard on this…..

    And he went right down the middle…limited access and hopefully a political payoff…..

    It isn’t easy being the President…..

    Comment by jamesb101 | April 2, 2010 | Reply

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