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The iPad launch as seen from an Apple lover……who gets to talk about it to Steve Jobs….


It’s out to the public as of today…..

To tell you the truth……

The Dog is seriously thinking of buying one in a few months when the initial bugs get worked out……

Then I can share it with my wife…..

If anyone out there gets one…..please post em up on how it is…..

It is a gorgeous spring day when I arrive at the coolest address in the universe: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, Calif., where Apple has been headquartered since 1993. The campus, for such they call it, is enormous yet not big enough to contain Apple’s current rate of expansion. An additional site is being designed and built. After stocking up on “I visited the mothership” T-shirts at the company store (we fanboys are pathetic, I readily confess), I am shown around the canteen, lawns and public spaces. It is right to call this a campus, for everyone looks and dresses like a student. I should imagine the only people ever caught wearing suits here have been visiting politicians.

Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue are suitably bejeaned and relaxed as they welcome me for a talk about the iPad, Apple’s new product, which will be launched in a week and a half. Schiller is senior VP of worldwide product marketing, responsible for delivering Apple’s latest baby. Cue is VP of Internet services, overseeing the iTunes, App and iBook online stores.(See the unveiling of Apple’s iPad.)

For the whole Time Magazine story…check here…….….

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