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That's right….Obama has Bill Clinton to thank…….

This is pretty heady times for the new President…..



START Treaty with the Russian’s…….

Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell……

Need the Dog remind everyone that Obama’s triumphs have been earned  from  quite a few of Bill Clinton’s failures…..

Each of the things listed above went down in flames for Clinton …who up to the last Democratic  Presidential Primary in South Carolina was an iconic legend in the Democratic party……(he ‘s still pretty high up there, still )…..

By trying to tackle these issues…Clinton lead the way from Obama to find out…what NOT to do…. to deal with them……

True these are different times…..and Obama is a pretty darn good politician in his own right…..but every night….. when he goes to bed ….he should remember to pay tribute to the man that lead the way for him…and helped talk his wife into helping him……. also……

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  1. Health Care was a FAILURE in all honesty

    It will harm SO MANY people( but THEN AGAIN that is what the Obama does)

    the stimulus was a BIG FAILURE and the full failure hasnt even been FELT yet because the DEBT from it hasnt hit yet

    I am assuming STARY is the frivolous 1/3 cut of arsenal

    the Obama is lallygagging around on DADT.. he has BEEN so forcefull with General Motors but just laughs as he RAKES in money from the homosexual community

    Comment by Timothy Peter Leal | April 5, 2010 | Reply

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