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Daniel……Connecticut Governor: Will Secretary of State Bysiewicz's switch to the Attorney General's Race COST CT Democrats the Governorship?

Hello Dog!

How about having similarities.

Like with Quinn I warned “The Dog” about Ned Lamont (D-CT) running for Connecticut Governor.
I said Lamont would increase Republicans Chances of holding the Statehouse in the Nutmeg State.

So I’m asking myself a Question: Will Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz’s (D-CT) switch from the Governor Race to the Attorney General’s Race COST Democrats the Governor Race in November?.

Bysiewicz was the Frontrunner for Governor in the Primary and in the General.
This was flat out STUPID for her to switch Races.

The Fallout from this move seems now clear.

According to a new Statewide Survey in the Nutmeg State former Ambassador to Ireland Mark Foley (R-CT) has now grabbed the lead over his two Main Democratic Rivals, Lamont and Stamford Mayor Daniel “Dan” Malloy (D-CT).

Rasmussen Survey

Connecticut Governor 2010

General Election

Former Ambassador to Ireland Thomas “Tom” Foley (R)  44 %
`06 Senate Candidate Edward M. “Ned” Lamont (D)  37 %
Others  7 %
Undecided  13 %

Former Ambassador to Ireland Thomas “Tom” Foley (R)  44 %
Stamford Mayor Daniel “Dan” Malloy (D)  35 %
Others  8 %
Undecided  14 %

`06 Senate Candidate Edward M. “Ned” Lamont (D)  41 %
Connecticut Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele (R)  38 %
Others  9 %
Undecided  12 %

Stamford Mayor Daniel “Dan” Malloy (D)  40 %
Connecticut Lieutenant Governor Michael Fedele (R)  37 %
Others  7 %
Undecided  16 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:


Job Approvals

President Barack Obama (D)

Approve  54 %
Disapprove  46 %

Governor M. Jodi Rell (R)

Approve  63 %
Disapprove  34 %


Can CT Dems repair the Bysiewicz Mistake? They’ll try for sure and if Malloy wins they might have a fighting chance. I don’t see Lamont winning in a General. Sorry folks.

Daniel G.

Daniel…..Way too early…I’ll bet things settle down and Lamont crawls back…….But this IS a surprise!

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